Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Amir Avni's Progress

Amir has been taking my advice and learning from the masters. To learn construction, he is copying frames from Bob McKimson scenes.


His first copy is not bad, but a little on the flat side. I gave him some tips and then suggested he do it again, this time fixing the mistakes.
He compared it to the original to see how accurate he was. I also suggested that he write down what he is learning from each drawing he copies, so he can apply the general knowledge to his own drawings.http://aapractice.blogspot.com/2007/10/wellgulpnow-ive-seen-everything.html
If you are planning to be a cartoonist, you'd better get your suicide drawings down, because there is a huge call for this in our business. It's always good for a laugh. Almost as funny as stereotypes.
After he copied some drawings, I told him to try to draw the characters in his own poses to see if he was learning anything from the copies. When you study something, it's not enough to merely copy. You should be trying to understand what you are copying so that you can apply it to your own work.

Amir is advancing fast and now he's all cocksure, so he's decided to jump all the way up to Frank Frazetta.

Go to Amir's site and see his progress and see how is studying. Maybe it will help you to understand the value of learning from the best cartoonists.

The quickest way to learn is to be extremely methodical and logical about it. If Amir keeps this up, he could sail ahead of the competition.