Friday, October 05, 2007

I'll leave this to Mike to Answer - and anyone else

I guess someone did find this offensive!
Matt Blasi said...

John K wrote: "This is considered offensive today. Insane or what?"

This statement was made in relation to the "Injun Orange" image found here:

I'm not completely sure what you meant, John. Did you mean to say that it's an insane image and is ridiculous, or were you questioning how such an image could be offensive?

Because it IS offensive. It depicts a parody image of stereotypical Native Americans used to sell a ridiculous product in a humiliating context. What is NOT offensive about it?

Think: if you had an old-timey "black-faced" image on the wrapper and sold it as "Negro Nectar," people wouldn't hesitate to call it offensive. If you had a white face on it and called it "Cracker Cranberry," it would also be offensive.

Why (if I'm reading your question right) is Injun Orange NOT offensive? Have you asked any Native Americans if they find this offensive and why or why not? I did, here at the University of Florida, and the answers I received were pretty clear: it is offensive because it degrades Native Americans and their culture into a marketing ploy for Pillsbury products.

There's a fine line between comedy and racism, and it requires more care and study than simple opinion.

I'll ask one of my native american friends if he's offended: "Joe, are you offended by a happy generic face with an Indian headress selling Koolaid?"

I would actually love to have a caricature of a marauding Cossack on a Cranberry Juice packet.
No one ever caricatures my roots and traditional native garb and strange marital practices, and I'm more offended that I'm left out!

Hey! Bill Field found one!Finally, I have something I can be offended by! Thanks Bill.

I did make fun of my Canadian culture a few times though and don't remember any Canadians being offended by "The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen".