Wednesday, October 24, 2007

John K Commercials part 1: TV Commercials

John K. Commercials

My commercials have won some awards but more importantly - they sold the product very well.
Spumco Nike

I try to make entertaining commercials that the audience doesn't want to fast forward through.

My philosophy when I make commercials is to satisfy 2 customers:

1) The Sponsor

I believe in selling the product first. I want to be creative, but my creativity is in service of getting the audience to like the product and want to buy it.

I'm definitely not out to merely exercise my creative vision and make films that look good on my reel.

Pushing the product is where I exercise my creativity. And it's a lot of fun for me to do that.

2) The Audience

I believe the audience has to want to watch a commercial for it to be effective. Today it is very hard to grab people's attention before they instantly grab the remote and fast forward through the commercials.

My commercials have a history of people enjoying themselves and remembering the product.

I designed and animated the original Old Navy Cartoon Spots. When they aired, ON informed me their product sales increased 500%.

Here are some of my animated TV spots.

TV Commercials

Old Navy



Aoki Pizza

Barq's Root Beer

Village Pantry