Friday, October 05, 2007

The Mighty Mouse Show presents a Tribute To The Unhinged

Insanity is a common theme in my cartoons, as I said in my last post. Here's a whole lineup dedicated to the insane, with the main feature another Mighty Mouse brought to you by Ralph Bakshi.

Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs

Night On Bald Pate

This is the first time I ever got to do a cartoon about an insane character. When Ralph read the script he rejected it. (He rejected 2 out of every 3 stories we wrote, I think just to keep us on our toes. I said let me record the voices first. After he heard the cassette of Patrick Pinney playing a chemically deranged Petey Pate, Ralph said "I get it now. Make the Goddamn cahtoon. You're f*****in' crazy Johnny. You'll get us all fired. I love ya"

Ren's Beginnings


Ren's voice delivery in here is inspired by Bela Lugosi in "The Raven".

Here's a clip of a movie that was a huge influence on Ren.
Mad Love

The Looniest Duck By The Looniest Cartoonist

The Raven

Night On Bald Pate was written by me and that crazy genius cartoonist Tom Minton.

Hey, don't forget to comment, as I am pitching this format for new shows!

Mighty Mouse episode 1 - NIGHT OF THE BAT BAT

Mighty Mouse episode 2 - MIGHTY'S BENEFIT PLAN

Mighty Mouse episode 3 - THE LITTLEST TRAMP

Mighty Mouse episode 4 - THE ICE GOOSE COMETH