Friday, September 28, 2007

Bakshi Presents: The Ice Goose Cometh

This week's Mighty Mouse Cartoon is loaded with all my obsessions.

RANGER TELEVISIONthanks to Ted for the color image



Script by Tom Minton
Character Designs: Jeff Pigeon, Carole Holiday, me
BG Paintings: Vicky Jensen
Direction: Me
Sheet Timing: Bob Jaques
Layouts: Jim Gomez, Mike Kazaleh, Lynne Naylor, Ishtvan Majoros, Bruce Timm, Ken Boyer

I forget who did the storyboard. If you remember, let me know! Byron Vaughns? Jim Smith?


Bonus Feature: A classic wartime short!


Callum said...

Simply excellent- I wish all cartoons nowadays retained this structure, and had even an iota of the talent working on them. I can't wait for next Friday's.

Ben Forbes said...

Very cool cartoons. Is that a recent drawing done by you at the top? Have you ever thought of putting out a hardcover book with all your drawings. It could work for selling your shows and ideas.

Angela said...

How carzy was to find out, as a grown up person, that the old banker man was Dick Van Dyke as well as the chimney guy!
..i thought there was something going on...

Mitch said...

I have some troubles with you're site on my mac... I can't view it in firefox but I can open it in safari, but in safari I can't watch the youtube's or click on it, so I can't go to the youtube site to watch it...

Really strange, I wanted to watch them.

Ted said...

If you'd dug around the site a bit more, you would have found the color ranger model cel:
Or maybe you did and just preferred the black and white from the size chart. If not, now you have additional visual options.
People might also be interested in the OCR output of scans of the script (which is uncorrected and therefore has many machine generated errors):

Raff said...

1st season R&S seems like such a HUGE improvement over these 80s Mighty Mouses, in timing, design and voices.

But that wall of shame cracks me up, especially Truly Outrageous Jim. And I can just picture "Thunder! Thunder! THUNDERCOWS!!!"

And I'd love to hear Mike Pataki do Sid Caesar accents more often.

Tom said...

There are some major problems lately with Firefox treating your You Tube imbeds like pop-ups and blocking them and yet another problem with PCs involving a window loop that prevents visitors from scrolling down more than the first three posts or so. Could be why there are so few posts up on this one today. It's not because people aren't trying, they just can't get through.

Robert said...

Can anyone clarify the legal relationship between Mickey and Minnie at that point? Minnie and her Rambler seem to be arriving for a date with bachelor Mickey, but she has two kids in tow.

Anonymous said...

I've seen one of those stylized Mickey Mouse Nash commercials at Cartoon Brew. I like the designs in these commercials (it's amazing how they didn't redesign Pluto). Thanks for linking to it, John.

As for "Ice Man Cometh," it was pretty fun to watch. Overall, great post.

Ryan Martin said...

Awesome all around. One thing: The audio on the episode seems to be phasing. Is it just me this is happening to?

ivershay said...

New Adventures of MM was my favorite show when it was on. DVD available anywhere Master K? THANKS FOR POSTING !!

Tom said...

Hi John,

Ted Blackman drew that establishing shot of the sushi restaurant. Don't recall if he designed all the b.g.s in this one, though.

Tom Minton

Van Diemen said...

This is absolute GOLD!
Seems like much higher frame changes than R&S, more fluid, heaps of glitches picture perfect to weird older animation, washed out picture and distorted bottom line, like it's been recorded 15 times on VHS. I liked the Hi-Fi sign.

amir avni said...

Mighty Mouse is pretty cool to have both Robert Mitchum and Genndy Goose over at the same time.

Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir, have a pair of problems: cash and a pair of sisters with birthdays coming up. I want to buy some cartoons so my baby sister can see theatrical cartoons. Other than Looney Tunes, what is your recommendation for introductory cartoon habits of an impressionable little girl? In other words, what should I waste my cash on to entertain this little bundle?

Nico said...

This is seriously my first time ever seeing Gandy and Sourpuss cartoons. They're really fun! Why were Terrytoons so under-appreciated?

Thanks for posting these john!

Barbara said...

Dude, Dick van Dyke is so awesome. Great post.

Trevour said...

That was the PERFECT way to end my Friday night! I'm going to bed now with many a pleasant dream of Gandy Goose and Sourpuss.

Rainer said...

I really enjoy this cartoon series, despite its flaws. Great satire of superhero absurdity. I could not stop laughing at that long pan mocking all eighties cartoons (and Pee-Wee Herman), especially the Jem/Jim gag.

This particular episode has a reputation that precedes it, at least to me. In the British documentary “Cartoons Kick Ass” (which is made for TV special dealing with the adult aside of animation from Spike and Mike to Ren and Stimpy, to Clampett and Ralph Bakshi) there is a part on toon sexuality. Karl Cohen, Asifa San Fran President and all around great guy, says “No, they’re imaginary, they have no sex life”. And then comes in John saying “Oh Yeah. There were faggots everywhere in those shorts!” while the various scenes with Gandy and Mighty are played next (the butt slapping, tearful embraces). I honestly have to wonder, in that scene where Mighty Mouse is holding Gandy and looks like he is kissing him, how did no censor get that? It’s so blatant. Ditto for the man-separations pains Gandy has for Sourpuss.

To John:
What's with the long Terrytoons segment? I liked it, but it went on really long, almost preposterously so. Was this a cheater cartoon, or something to make deadlines?

To Ivershay:
No official DVD, but some bootlegs. However, there is a Mighty Mouse cgi film coming in 2009 or 2010, so I’m sure both the old and new adventures will be available then.

To Mr. Trombley:
If I may be so bold I recommended Fleischer cartoons, particularly Popeye but especially Betty Boop (as these are girls and I have seen very few of them who don’t love and relate to her in some way, despite her weirdness). There is no definition collection, but the so called Ultimate one is a good start. I recommended buying at Deep Discount, they are cheaper than most outlets, and have free shipping.

I Punish Pencils said...

Thanks John. It's good to just put up my feet and watch a good toon. I like the classic running order of the features. Are those mice based on the Tom Oreb Mickey Mouse redesigns in the Rambler ad? I like them.

Mitch said...

"Could be why there are so few posts up on this one today. It's not because people aren't trying, they just can't get through."

I did find a way, If I open a single post I can play the youtube movies in firefox, I think firefox does have it's problems with loading the whole page.

I'm glad I watched them :)

Roberto González said...

That's a pretty funny Mighty Mouse cartoon, though it has this kind of meta-reference stuff you criticize in Roger Rabbitt and Tiny Toons. Among all the new adventures of Mighty Mouse I have watched yet this is one that I find pretty similar to Ren and Stimpy, especially towards the end.

I love thenew drawing of the characters you made, it's beautiful.

I've downloaded the old cartoon too. It's great though somewhat bizarre. Aladdin in China? And those chinese girls seemed very young. Why they are so sexually attracted to them? I loved it anyway!

Rodrigo said...

I've been watching the posted epsiodes of MM, and I've come to the conclusion that I don't like Bashki's work. I was always on the fence, because I halfway enjoyed Fritz the Cat.

But his timing is so ackward, and the character acting hardly ever coincides with the voice work. It doesn't help either that the drawings feel sloppy and the animation lacks finesse.

If the visuals aren't on par, the writing, humor, and time should at least be worthwhile. Unfortunately, for Bashki, 9 times out of 10 it isn't. I never cracked a smile during this episode, and it doesn't help that he makes pop-culture references that are several decades dated.

jeaux janovsky said...

Hey John
Are you planning on coming out with a book someday, or any thoughts on self publishing your blog as a book? I think it might make for THE book on animation, and can be called, "You Don't need Art College"
as far as self pubbing goes, there's
and if you do plan on making a book, can i get a free signed copy? j/k ;)
keep up the good work, i'm really digging the lessons... lots of great big chunks of animation meat and knowledge in there.
as a fan, I appreciate it.
-Jeaux Janovsky

Mitch K said...

I'm diggin' this.

JohnH said...

While I thought it was a little cold to have Mighty Mouse forget all about Gendy, it was a nice tribute to a forgotten character. Nice concept on that one.

Kip W said...

The color drawing of Gandy and Sourpuss looks to me like the work of Milton Knight. If anybody else drew it, my apologies, but it's a beautiful job anyway!

NateBear said...

who i love those 50s style Mickeys!

NateBear said...

And those chinese girls seemed very young. Why they are so sexually attracted to them?

Someone has obviously never seen any Asian porn, nor heard of Woody Allen.

...Nor met my 10 yr old Thai mail-order bride.

NateBear said...

i p pencils:

Does indeed seem to be Oreb!

rodineisilveira said...

Johnny K.,

Seeing the park rangers from Ranger Television (one of the segments of the Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Mouse [produced in 1987]), I could notice that some ones of them seem like Ranger Smith (from Yogi Bear).
They sound echoes from Hanna-Barbera.
It's true or just coincidence?
Only the time will say...
Well, that's it!

Rodinei Campos da Silveira (from São Paulo, Brazil)