Thursday, September 13, 2007

TONIGHT - a special packaging of the Mighty Mouse Show

Ross Bagdasarian is one of my childhood heroes.
Not only did he write and sing funny cartoony songs,
he came up with one of the most unique family stories in history.
Ralph Bakshi glorified Ross' originality.
A lonely man finds love and companionship in his own back yard.

Ralph was the first man to let me share my great love of pathos with the world.

What does every man need in his life?4 foot tall hairless rodents!
See Elwy and The Tree Weasels tonight. With assorted extra rodent treats!


PCUnfunny said...

Damn you John K. ! That Elwy and The Tree Weasels song is stuck in my head !

PCUnfunny said...

Oh yeah, and that dude looks like he was putting those weasels inside his pants, not in his pocket. I know you John, you sicko you. ;)

Kali Fontecchio said...

The squirrel pictures make me feel good. Thanks!

Sean Worsham said...

The original Chipmunk designs from the 60's animation was far better than the 80's or the current cgi version.

Oliver_A said...


Dear John,

I'm curious, is the Ren & Stimpy episode "A Visit to Anthony" some kind of autobiography? I'm not talking about the obvious, your father, but is Anthony and his traits based on yourself? Great episode btw. with lots of great drawings!

Thanks, your fan


Chris Stangl said...

And the Soaky bottle designs are better than any of them!

Soaky designs of all characters are better than the real ones, even when they are based on humans, like Batman and Frankenstein.

Colter said...

This is my favorite episode. It's the one that has stuck in my mind for years.

I remember wondering why the dad had cheerios stuck on his tongue all the time.

Also.. apparently you can time travel as the date on your blog says it's the 15th!?

Jeff Read said...

Elwy and the Tree Weasels was some of the weirdest animation I'd ever seen as a kid. The memories of that cracked-out David Seville with the Cheerios always flying out of his mouth still haunt me. The 60s Chipmunks were always the best designed -- cuter and funnier than all the others -- but the 80s versions sang new wave covers and it's hard to beat that with a Bat-Bat!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

I still value my Alvin and the chipmunks Christmas record. The "Jingle Bells" cut is great and the "Silver Bells" version is definitive.

peldma3 said...

Can you reccomend any cool links to Bagdasarian?

Jim Rockford said...

I liked the original character designs from "the alvin show" too.
the late 50's liberty albums feature chipmunks that look more realistic than cartoony.
Does anyone remember or have any clips of "the nutty squirrels" was kind of a beatnik version of the chimpmunks from the same time period.
They even had a 45 on the Hanover label called "uh ooh".

Jim Rockford said...

Ross Bagdasarian also co-wrote the famous Rosemary Clooney song 'come on a my house"

alero! said...

yeah i was wondering about the cheerios myself! why did he have that in his mouth!

Steve Carras said...

Jim Rockford said...
"Ross Bagdasarian also co-wrote the famous Rosemary Clooney song 'come on a my house""

Something that Rosemary Clooney would rather have not remembered (she died in 2001).