Monday, September 17, 2007

Foghorn Leghorn - quick beating & laying on ground

"Walky Talky Hawky" (1946)

Cartoons are a great place for funny abuse.

I always loved these odd angles in McKimson cartoons. He loved to show the scale of his huge lummox characters against smaller characters.

McKimson characters dramatically lean way back and then way forward to exaggerate space.

This same shot is in a lot of Foghorn cartoons.



Dave Redl said...

Always loved McKimson. Here's a simple question...

Was that IRIS OUT drawn?


Looney Moon Cartoons said...

Cartoon Violence is so funny. I really miss it. A lot of cartoon characters these days could use a good ass-kicking to wipe that 'tude off their faces.

Chris Battle said...

*sigh* .... I miss cartoon violence.

Anonymous said...

There is some really good animation in that Foghorn Leghorn clip. You can actually watch Foghorn cartoons at for free. This includes Banty Raids (I admit, I like this one, even though it was the last theatritical Foghorn Leghorn, and that it didn't have animation like the one in the clip.

Off topic: John, are those donations you've been getting going to that new studio you mentioned months ago.

Taber said...

My roommate's favorite character is Foghorn. He loves the "loudmouth asshole" attitude he always had.