Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thanks to Chris DeCarlo and others for your support

Chris must have thought some of my lessons, advice, stories and cartoonist profiles were worth something to him because he dropped 25 big ones on that Paypal button to the right of the blog. He's the first one to do it, and no one even prompted him. Maybe some day this blog will find a way to support itself.

Send me a picture and maybe a note on what inspired you to donate, so I can feature you Chris, and thanks again!

You're one of the good ones.

Your pal,

John K.

P.S. Too bad audiences weren't ready to pay for their own entertainment. I bet if each fan spent the price of 4 movie tickets per year, we could make whole new cartoon series without pesky old networks. Just the stuff the fans like.

New Contributors:

Nate Bear just made a nice donation. Thanks Nate!

Also thanks to...

Matt Greenwood,

Gregg Underwood

Robert Herman

Dennis Hyer

Paul Stadden


Mitch Loidolt

Eric Parks

Callum Barker

$150.00 USD from Chris Alvino!


Jason Barnes said...

"I bet if each fan spent the price of 4 movie tickets per year, we could make whole new cartoon series without pesky old networks. Just the stuff the fans like"

oh please PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! i'd donate my next paycheck if i could be guaranteed a fantastically animated series from the infamous father of Spumco

JohnK said...

well here's the place to start...

david gemmill said...

the jimmy ren and stimpy drawing is reallly cool

NateBear said...

i happen to have two movie ticket sin my wallet taht someone gave me for free. I'm donating their combined value, since i haven't found anything worth watching with these tickets in the past 2 weeks they've been sitting there.

Gregg said...

Well, I bet. If you made a cartoon (2-3 minutes), and sold it via download for $2-3.....($1 a minute)

You'd make enough to keep making more, and more, cartoons. revival anyone???

JohnK said...

Nate Bear just made a nice donation. Thanks Nate!

Gregg just did too. What a man!

Sean Worsham said...

Do you mean 25,000 dollars (as in big ones?) or simply 25 dollars?

Rob said...

Heck, I read your blog all the time and it is well worth some cold hard cash! I must not look too carefully, but I honestly didn't notice the paypal donate thang or I would have done earlier.

John K rocks!

Brian B said...

Well, the big bill is $100. So I'm guessing $2500.

Taco Wiz said...

I would donate 120 bucks per year to get some more Ren and Stimpy Not Adult Party Cartoon, seeing as I'm 11 and my Dad's a jerk [though I was able to watch Onward and Upward and Ren Seeks Help before he found out I was watching the show, and twas awesome]. Though I guess spending money for APC could be considered planning for the future, so I'll still have entertainment when I turn 18 and move away from this dump I call a family.

Matt Greenwood said...

I donated. I'd feel bad taking the great lessons if I didn't contribute somehow.

Chris said...

A donation to you is definitely worth it. All the cartoon knowledge and wisdom you have provided since you started this blog is worth it's weight in gold. It's like taking online cartooning lessons tuition free. I only wish I was rich enough to donate art school tuition dollars. Here's to new cartoon wisdom and maybe some new cartoons, Cheers!

Paul said...

Sorry it couldn't be more, John.
If the cartoon world could see another Saturday morning toon like Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures and all it took were dedicated fans pitching in few bucks here and there, it'd be worth it!

Chris said...

Hi John. I’m Chris DeCarlo and I certainly did not expect this amazing display of gratitude from you. There’s no big mystery behind why I sent you a donation. I am continually blown away by the wealth of information offered on your site on a regular basis. I feel indebted to you for it and I have no idea how you do it! How can you put up an illustrated history of Hannah-Barbara & Saturday morning cartoons the day after you post a nostalgic look at vintage Halloween costumes – in between moderating all the comments?

I am a web designer who was well into my thirties before I realized that my childhood dream of becoming a cartoonist wasn’t just going to happen on its own. So I have been working on my own graphic novel / web comic for a few years now in my spare time. It’s a slow process and the main thing I have learned is that I have a lot to learn. You can see my comic at (Hit the rewind button to get to the first page.)

Imagine what it was like for me to discover that one of my favorite cartoonists was giving lessons on this stuff for free! And right away I saw you were passionate about the something I was also passionate about: “Realistic” cartoons are not better. Cartoons are supposed to be fun to look at. Now as I work on my drawing skills I also follow your blog posts as you tear down what is commonly held up as good and brush off the gems that are under-appreciated, I sit at my computer and think YES!

I have gone back and re-watched so many of these old cartoons on Boomerang with a much better appreciation and a new critical eye, understanding finally why I prefer the older Yogi Bears and Flintstones to the later episodes, and why as a college student I knew Ren & Stimpy was on a level above anything else I was seeing yet I didn’t fully comprehend why.

Anyway, the thanks is all mine. If anything, I am embarrassed that I only donated $25 when I should be paying something closer to class tuition.

Hammerson said...

I made a donation earlier today (under my real name), and will do it again when I can. Thanks for all the fun and education you gave us during the last year and a half. This blog is truly priceless!

jimmy said...

I just saw a new Ren and Stimpy game online at Addicting Games

Anyone know anything about it?

Freckled Derelict said...

You deserve it and lord knows we all need new John K. cartoons ASAP!
It could create world peace!!
At least in the kid world!

Callum said...

Just sent $24.00. I had £6.16 in my PayPal account, and $24.00 was the nearest round total to the US equivalent, so take it and invest it carefully!
Thanks for a great blog that's kept me amused for a year or so now,
Callum Barker.

PCUnfunny said...

John would these donated funds also go to abandoned projects ?

Joshua Similien said...

Hi John

I was wondering if you were still doing the cartoon college.