Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mitch Is A Good Boy Who Will Go Places

I have been following a few of you folks who have been doing my lessons. The ones that do the most of them are definitely progressing fast.

I am quite impressed with Mitch, who seems to be taking very logical and practical steps towards learning all the basic tools of our trade.

1 Preston Blair
He started by drawing from the Preston Blair construction lessons. This teaches the logic (the brainy part) of drawing 3 dimensionally.

2 Copy Classic Model Sheets

3 Copy Classic Cartoons (Using knowledge from lessons)
Then he moved to draw poses from classic cartoons while trying to APPLY the construction lessons to the poses. Copying classic cartoons teaches you a lot about posing, acting, angles and more. But do it after you start to understand construction.
You can see his first sketches (Chicken Hawk) are a bit hesitant or shaky, but then later he gets more confident (Porky Pig). That means it's starting to sink in. Practice makes the concepts from the lessons sink in! It's not enough to understand a theory. You have to apply it over and over again, until you understand it instinctively!

4 Draw lots and lots of studies-not just one time
He drew lots and lots of studies from the cartoons. the more he does, the more it all sinks in and the better he gets.

5 Draw Toys to Learn Even More about Construction

6 Draw the Same Drawings Again to try to fix Problems
This is a very important and useful step. Be your own critic. Analyze your studies. Write down what you think is wrong, THEN DRAW IT AGAIN AND TRY TO FIX THE MISTAKES!
You will improve very fast this way.

8 Do Cleanups Of Good Cartoon Drawings

Doing tight cleanups of good drawings also helps all the concepts sink in. I wouldn't make this step 1, though. It's not enough just to have a crisp clean line. You need to know where to put the lines so that the lines make the shapes look solid and convincing. That's where learning construction comes in. Doing all these lessons together makes everything make more sense and makes your drawings get better and more convincing.

7 Get A Job Cleaning Up Someone With Experience
If Mitch keeps going this way, I'll send him some cleanup or inking work and he will learn even more, but he is taking all the smart steps towards getting skills and knowledge of functional cartooning.

Hey Mitch, I have a couple suggestions or critiques for you. If you are man enough to have me do it in a post, let me know.

And thanks for the donation!


Taber said...

Alright! GO MITCH! Some of those are really awesome, I'll have to start practicing more.

akira said...

wow that blog is very awesome and inspirational!

i have a/some question/s for john to maybe touch on in the future some time: in the subject of inking..

as a connoisseur of cartooning, what do you think about computer assisted inking? i used to see stuff that was computer inked and say, "Holy crap" how did someone make such perfect lines.. and now i know it was probably with the help of a computer... at top levels of inking is a good hand-done ink superior? are computer inks too perfect and look like advertising art? or is this just a stupid question? does practice with a brush translate later to skill in computer inking?

any inking tips or advice would be greatly appreciated(maybe i missed an old post where you discussed it?)

Bronty said...

Hi John - just found your blog, great stuff :) Thanks for posting all of this wonderful info.

I'm sure you've heard this a million times but let me make it a million and one by saying just how much I love R&S and the Ripping Friends.

Question: there was a R&S super nintendo video game in the 90s (ren & stimpy time warp). Am I correct in thinking you did the art for that? I've seen it in person and its just beautiful. I don't suppose you sell any of your original art?

A huge fan,
Dan M.

Brett W. Thompson said...

Nice! Good work Mitch! :)

Callum said...

That Mitch guy is pretty good, actually.

Mitch said...

Wow I didn't expected this, but it's really an honor!

"Hey Mitch, I have a couple suggestions or critiques for you. If you are man enough to have me do it in a post, let me know."

Of course, I really like to have some honest feedback. Because that would really help me out, that's why I created my blog (to get honest feedback).

You asked me if I did any other inks, yes I did. I made a label for that.

I hope I can help others like me with my blog. I'm really struggling with this and getting feedback from others (professionals and beginners) is a good help.

"And thanks for the donation!"

You're welcome, it is the least I can do.

PCUnfunny said...

Wow Mitch, I envy you. John I am not going to be around STUFF for a while so this will be my last post for a bit. Bye for now.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Congratulations Mitch! some nice drawings there!

Mitch said...

He John, I would be glad to place the modelsheets for comparison. But I'm going in a couple of minutes to a family trip for 3 days. So I won't be able to do that... :(

I can do it if I'm back from it.

But I made a label with some old ones that I did compared.


Again, I would have no trouble if you post my stuff and critique them.

Mitch said...

I uploaded some modelsheets (I couldn't compare them because of time), it was the last I could do for now.


Barbara said...

Damn, Mitch is so studious, I feel like a jerk. I've wanted to do the tests you've put up, but real school is taking up all of my time! Come here and replace my teachers, John!

Jeremy said...

this has been really really great, and i wish i wasn't in the midst of moving/getting hitched so i could participate more. hopefully tomorrow i can dedicate some time for character studies. i updated my "blog" with a sheet of sketches, no time for anything else.

awesome stuff too Mitch. nice to see hard work pays off at some point.

James N. said...
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James N. said...
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DarkWolf said...

Hello John, I just found your Blog out of random and I must say... you got me hooked dude. You got some awesome posts regarding cartoons and its history. I love it!!!

If you would, could you help me out in finding some cartoon modeling sheets of a certain cartoon character "The Wolf" who stars in all the Tex Avery Droopy cartoons?

If you happen to find any, please e-mail me at Million thanks and I'll be check'n your Blog for more cartooning and lessons too. Thanks.

miss 3awashi thani said...

I like lines that are thick in the middle and taper at the ends :P

I should have done more of those preston blair drawings (never really got around to it) XS

Anonymous said...

To Mr Kricfalusi

Did you ever use those Blackwing pencils? Were they as good as people say they were?