Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thanks to more great pals!

I really do appreciate your love gifts! Thanks loads.

Robert Davis
Sarah Johnston
Nico Colaleo
Stephen Rogers
Jason Heath
Adam Koford
Joel Mackey
Marlo Meekins
Leo Brodie
thistler productions/Josh Salmon
Mitch Leeuwe
Ian Maxwell

Did I leave anybody out?


thistler said...

I think you forgot me John, unless it didn't clear. :)
It wasn't much, just my last few dollars.
Buy yourself something nice.

JohnK said...

what's your name, so I can add it?


chris surico said...

John K - It's the long lost Chisler from Chi-Town. We need to reconnect. I have an Edea that could be big $$$$$$$$ and want to further discuss with you. I tried the last phone #### I had but disconnected.

LeoBro said...

Me too (last Wednesday): Leo Brodie.
I really appreciated the Oswald dance exercize -- it was perfect for my level of learning. I've done the section you posted about, set to the original music:
Oswald's dance

thistler said...

hey John, my name is Josh Salmon.

thanks a lot for all your posts. I really appreciate the extra effort you are going to lately. I plan on making a Bosko style flash game (like my last game, mr fox), but this time without rushing the animation. Your influence will surely be felt.

you dont need to put this post in the comments :)

JohnK said...

Hi Chris

you can email me your latest scheme at

Can't wait to hear it!

JohnK said...

Josh and Leo

I added you guys. Thanks!

Nico said...

WHOA, killer jimmy and sody picture!

John, hopefully with some of my donations, you can finally get that Rambler!

Mitch said...

I just did give some small amount as well a couple of minutes back, it's really not much but all I had on pay pall right now.

Keep blogging!

cool-art-man said...

hi johnk ! i have drawn a picture for you! Here it is:
do you know these guys??

cool-art-man said...

ach! why didn't it work?
It was supposed to be this: