Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mike Fontanelli Sends Me Rude Pictures

Mike doesn't have his own blog, but he should, because he has such a sophisticated and unique view of the world. Eddie, Kali, Steve and I always try to convince this highly educated cartoonist to share his insights and clever observations with the rest of you but he refuses, so it's up to me to do it for him.I can just hear his eminence giggling like a high school girl as he send me these things.

Mike studied literature in University by the way and has a deep understanding of the classic writers.

Please beg Mike to start his own blog and let him enrich your lives as he does ours.

Some great Mike topics:

Are Rap Artists "artists"?

What he loves about modern "culture"

How "THEY" even ruined girls.

The I.Q.s of executives.

Who is more talented between Dane Cook and Buster Keaton.

His favorite version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


What am I forgetting, disciples of Fontanelli?