Thursday, December 14, 2006

Direct Sponsorship- sell toys of the characters-Soaky commercials

Let's travel back in time to when cartoon companies liked their audience.
Tennesse Tuxedo and Superman
Soaky Toys

In the 60s capitalism was so open that you could mix "brands" in the same commercial. Cartoon characters from different companies would team up to sell a product line that licenced characters from multiple studios. It was a really cool thing to do and added fun to the commercials.

Soaky Toys has to be one of most popular kid products in history. Kids hate to get clean so the best way to get them to do it is to trick them into doing it with their favorite cartoon characters.

"Look who's staring at me in my birthday suit!"

Cartoonists creating cartoons + a smart sponsor = commercials that sell the product and sometimes BE the product equals great success for all and happiness for the kids. What a simple formula!

The 60s was a Golden Age for kids because everyone involved in kids' entertainment and products knew you had to be nice to your consumer if you wanted to be successful.

Today's giant corporations are so unwieldy and operated through strange mystical pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo theories like focus testing and 4,000 levels of middle managers that all disagree with each other and the actual people who ARE logical and creative are at the very bottom of the heap.

Wash with Soaky bubbles and you'll grow up to have proportions like this!

Donald Duck and Porky Pig
Soaky Toys

Disney and Warner Bros....arch rivals in the same commercial!

You'll be so clean and shiny that you won't ever wanna wear pants again!
Let's bring back logic and fun. Let cartoonists and sponsors do what's right for the audience.