Sunday, December 31, 2006

Well I Guess I Have To Bribe You

C'mon folks, there must be some of you who like new-fangled web apps.

The one who writes the best explanation of how Raketu and its features - particularly the multi-media, video on demand -podcast type stuff works on Raketu will win a prize.

I'll draw your caricature and add a cartoon character to it.

Scroll down to the last two posts, use Raketu and then describe how it works for you.

If you write it super clearly, you will win! Maybe I'll even hire you.

Your pal,



Anonymous said...

I've tried running it here. But this pc is (at least) 12 years old now. I'll try putting it on an office pc and seeing how raketu runs there. :]

Anonymous said...


Would love to help you out and consider myself very bribable, but unfortunately, like you, Raketu doesn't support my choice of computer platform yet since I don't have a Windows PC.

I'd truly love to pay back some of the great info you've provided here and at ASIFA, so tell your friends at Raketu to hurry up with Mac support and I'll be happy to give you some feedback.

Anonymous said...

The drawing you did there for Kali is amazing!! I like Eric and Tara (possibly? or maybe it's someone else?) quite a lot too :)

Aggie said...

Happy New Year, John! I put a little run-through of my fun with Raketu on my subdomain.

Anonymous said...

I installed it but ended up uninstalling it later. I like how Raketu isn't a supernode (they explain what a supernode is on the website) but ultimately it has a cluttered and ugly interface and that is what drove me to uninstall it straight-away (that and I can only stand Google Talk for instant messengering).

What they really need to do is get someone to design their software interface and realise that less is more! It's pretty daunting for anyone to look at a program with lots of buttons and junk on it and somehow figure out how to change options and use the multitude of features that Raketu reportedly has.

Sean Worsham said...

How Raketu works for me:

The best way I can describe how Raketu works for me is that it is great when I want to take my aim contacts as well as other ones such as msn messenger and include them all in one package so I can contact them all simultaneously. It is best when I want to do video blogging as well when I want to present my videos to the world. I also love the rocket game where I can play against my friend on it. It is especially good when I want to send sounds of me making fart noises to wake up my Mom and Dad in the morning with it. Ahh the wonders of technology, it only makes life easier for me :)

Jorge Garrido said...

Whoah! I wish I could win this one! I envy whoever's gonna get a pic!

I'll get it and post my review in a few weeks, this sounds like the new KA everyone will be talking about.

Sliced Oranges said...

My entry:

Raketu is amazing. I used to have to open many applications at once in order to complete all my instant messaging tasks, not to mention that it put an extreme load on my computer. Thankfully, all that nonsense ended the day I downloaded Raketu. Its intuitive design allows me to message my friends, regardless of their instant messaging program. It allows me to check my email and podcasts... it even lets me make international calls right from my computer! I can even check my stocks and keep up-to-date on local weather and news. Plus, it's easy! You don't need to be a computer whiz to realize Raketu's full potential. Raketu has made my online life much easier.

Thanks for Reading, John.

Ben Pixen said...

My Entry-

Raketu makes life easier. The program lets you contact all your friends that are using different Instant Messengers through one incredible program. Raketu doesn't just handle multiple Messengers, it also provides games, weather forecasts, and the news. It's very nice to have a Messenger that truely works.

Anonymous said...

I'd download it but AdiumX already handles all my IM needs. For voice calls I have a cellphone which also handles other things for me and is more convenient than VoIP.

Anonymous said...

Raketu saved my life, and my marriage. Earlier this year I had a falling out with my wife who I will simply refer to as "Chestnut." Chestnut left me for a wild-eyed sailor with a liver problem named Dave, and she lived with him on his houseboat for a good month and a half. Chestnut refused to talk to me or even see my face during this period, even as I vowed to claim her once again. Using Raketu, I was able to talk to her over the instant messaging application AIM. But when she realized it was me she quickly switched to MSN Messenger using the same ID. Well she couldn't fool me and I continued to talk to her, and without even having to switch into a different window, by god. She continued to avoid me and I continued to stalk her, using the various software integrated by Raketu. This went on for what seemed like years, but was only a month and a half. Until finally, I could stand it no more. I had to have her and I knew what I had to do to get her. Using Raketu, I shared with her a podcast I made conveying the pain and unbearable suffering that I endured everyday I was without her. Watching it reminded her of the love we shared and brought us back together.

Well actually I sort of sunk Dave's houseboat, along with my beloved Chestnut and it ended up getting pretty messy. The police were involved, the newspapers were all over it, and I had to live below the border for a while. But the important thing is: I wasn't convicted. Oh, and I got my wife back. Yep, she's rotting in my arms as we speak.

So thank you Raketu, for guiding her back to me. Your crappy interface and software integration made it so that nothing could come between our love. Not even a supernode.

Anonymous said...

I used to use Trillian because having AIM, Yahoo and MSN going all at once is too much on my computer (since I'm on dialup). So far in the last day that I've had Raketu downloaded, I've been putting it to good use. And since I couldn't go out to do anything for New Years Eve (I've been sick), it gave me a chance to be creative:

It's the year 2007,
It's time for a change
I'm tired of my computer
Messing up and acting strange
I'm getting rid of KaZaA,
AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo
All that junk clogs everything up--
I've finally discovered Raketu!
Raketu lets me enjoy the 'Net
It combines all my online messenger friends,
I can upload all my music and films
and listen to no living end!
Raketu lets me check my email;
its Picture Viewer helps me out in school
It plays, saves and shares podcasts
while I game and karaoke like a crazy fool!
It tells me if it'll rain or snow,
It informs me of the daily news,
It's the greatest thing since sliced bread
And it's very simple to use
Raketu doesn't use supernodes,
My security threats are down,
My resources are used by no one but me
and not some unknown clown!
So for a faster, safer computer
and a guarantee for unwasted time,
I'm going to download Raketu--
the best excuse for staying online!

Anonymous said...

I was going to write a review dripping with wit and humor, but it turns out I didn't like Raketu enough to motivate myself into action. Here are four thoughts anyway, as a bonus for those who read blog comments:

1) Would not log me into AOL Instant Messenger

2) Successfully logged me into MSN, with everything I normally use in MSN available except for the personal message line

3) Options were useful, from what I tested using MSN

4) Ugly interface; took me back 7 years or further

I hope you have financial and creative success in your endeavor here, but I uninstalled the programs and have since changed my passwords (I'm paranoid about Raketu collecting those passwords; they could hack my account and talk to all of my dorky friends).

Anonymous said...

Been using Raketu for a few days and it works fine. It's like everything out there. Boring! It does have the positive of having options that you can't find elsewhere. But the interface needs some serious work. YOu should totally design a few skins(types of cool covers for the interface). People will have the option to customize the look of their window. Make it all super cartoony. all the smiley faces all the sound effects. make it fun to log in. They have John K. they should let you design that thing like crazy. Have a skin by Katie for the girlies. The freaking annoying frog ringtone sold like crazy. Kids pay for ugly cell phone cartoons. This can be 100% better. You need people to want it before they know what it does. Make it look good and bring them in and let Raketu take care of all the techno shit that will keep them. Think LOG!! with this. If you can make kids and adults want a piece of wood you can make them want this. Think of a catchy simple jingle. Here is a crappy one I came up with, you can do better:

"I can talk to whoever, wherever they are!

Don't need no phone, no AIM, no boring MSN.

Raketu does it all!!

Got all the info I need

weather, news, sports and
so much more!!

Raketu does it all!!

A steady stream of info

No matter what I'm into!!

Raketu, my #1 pallll!!"

-David O.

Anonymous said...

Ahahahah apt wins. That's funny stuff right there. I'm gonna give it a try when I'm back in Amsterdam tonight. :-).

Anonymous said...

Mac mini here. OS X Tiger. Web apps that I like include Google Reader and Blogger.

"Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!" - Stimpy

Anonymous said...

Hey hey hey whayda go John! u the man!

Happy new year! Hope to see lots of animations in 2007! You rock boopie!

Anonymous said...

I wrote my review of the product, which is posted as a latest entry on my blog. My review is more from a technical standpoint, so it's not going to be as colorful as apt's or holly brooks's reviews.

It does have a lot of potential to be a major player, but they need to clean up a few things (like their interface and some of their bugs) before they're ready for prime time.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with what Chris said. I have a good idea for the universal messaging aspect of Raketu, but upon download and inspection its not a very intuitive software.

I couldn't find the multimedia stuff that it boasts, and it kept denying my Google Talk account. The interface looks like a step up from the DOS command prompt.

The most appealing thing about Raketu is your character design and animation. I may be a bit biased but you are right about your advertising. It works great, I wouldn't have given Raketu a second thought had I just seen their website and read the explanation there. But after clicking your ad, I went right there and downloaded the program without much question.

It would be great if the companies with great products and established reputations would give you a shot with some of this stuff. Or the fellas there at Raketu can learn from these comments and better their software. It looks like the tools are all there they just need a good appealing layout. Nothing a good artist and a webaholic couldn't fix.

Thats my two cents,

Anonymous said...

I'm not apathetic about Raketu - I just don't have a PC to try it on! Sorry, John.

Anonymous said...

Oops! I forgot - Happy New Year, John!

Cayen said...

Just saw this. I'm going to be switching to Raketu very soon. Your posts about it are awsome and have me considering switching to it. Actually the only thing stopping me now is I'm playing recovery from chistmas.

As far as Raketu goes, it's clearly superior. It's better then skype (for reasons you described) and I don't need 8 or 9 programs for instant messageing each of different sizes and "extra" content I don't need, like AOL and it's stupid ads.

Lord Turbine said...

This definately gave me enough insentive to try this out on my dusty PC that's been left aside for a while - I have no need for it now that I have my Mac.

I'll post my "How it works for me" thing after I test Raketu a bit more, however, I do have one question: are you going to be working on the actual application's GUI as well? I find that to be a bit lacking, and it definately needs an overhaul - especially if they ever plan to bring it cross-platform. I think that at least the app's icons can be changed to reflect their brand image - I wouldn't mind a little Raketu head on my desktop. :)

Anonymous said...

I just tried Raketu and I have to agree with some of you on here, I hate the interface. Kinda because your great advertising provides the need to see that retro style back in the interface as well. It bugged on my google talk too. I love the music and podcast feature though, that's a really smart move. In short, love the features, it has lots of potential, but I want more eye candy. (But it has to be clean and simple at the same time). Heh. Spoiled.

Ted said...

Raketu does not work on Mac. Perhaps in the world of next Tuesday. The end.

akira said...

Raketu I love the most,
Raketu tastes good on toast!
Without Raketu I would have died,
cuz I'd have committed suicide.

cemenTIMental said...

Another Mac user, sorry. ^_^

Even if I had a PC it's not the sort of thing I'd pay money for. But I look forward to seeing whatever animation you do for them!

El Bergo said...

i installed raketu and i had a really bad impression about it, because the layout is just horrible and confuse! But I really like the idea of having lots of instant messengering softwares in one, and its nice to play games, reading emails and using the podcast. I think the whole idea of it great, but they really have to work on the design.

Anonymous said...

Are you wanting to use that new fangled internet web thang to its full potential?

Are you wanting to contact folk but find that those gosh darn instant messaging programmes and phone lines clutter up your world?

Are you wanting to listen to good ole timey music and hear folk on the old podcasterola?

Are you just a pathetic poor soul sitting alone in front of your computer wishing that there was someway, somehow, someTHING that would change your life?

Well look no further friend! RAKETU is here!

You want contact with other humans? Well with Raketu you can now contact folks on all those strange computery machines. With Raketu you can contact them through instant messaging, on the phone or mobile on your computer.

But Raketu gets better, brother! You don't even need to have any of that dirty old instant messaging software stuff installed on your computer! No way! With Raketu you can contact anyone!

You want information as well? No problemo daddyo! Just get Raketu and you'll be finding out so much new information, your head will literally explode!

You want entertainment? Absofandoogely my man! Raketu is state of the art entertainment with access to music, games and even podcasterinos.

And Raketu is so darn easy to install... the boffins at Raketu have used RaketuScience! It's just a couple of clickety clicks on the ole mouse and hey presto! Instant access to a brand new world.

Raketu - There is no better way to describe it than... it'll save your life!