Monday, March 05, 2007

Calling all cars - Clampett likes funny lip synch

Lip Synch in most cartoons seems to be an afterthought.

Most animators try to make their lip synch merely be not noticeable.

It's enough to just not look like a mistake. Not too many animators have ever thought to make it part of the entertainment.

The reason Clampett is my biggest hero is that every part of what he did had potential entertainment value and he milked everything he touched.

If this was the only interesting scene in Book Revue it would have been enough to blow me away. When I first saw this I almost exploded. I couldn't believe what a revelation just one scene could be. Wow! Lip synch that is not merely accurate, but super entertaining in its own right.

The funny thing is, the whole cartoon is filled with revelations. One after another.

But this one alone was enough to give me a million ideas.

BTW, each mouth pops to the biggest drawing of each vowel, then has 2 inbetweens slowing out of it, before it animates into the next vowel.

There are 3 open mouth shapes, and they move in a clockwise circle. It's forms within forms. Completely organized and fun at the same time.

The take at the beginning is pretty damn cool too.

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