Thursday, March 08, 2007

Slow But Sure - Carlo Vinci

Wow, before the censorship code happened in the mid 1930s cartoons were full of erotica!

Terrytoons had some hilarious titles:
Busted Blossoms
In My Lady's Garden

and this baby...

"Slow But Sure" (1934), Terrytoons
This is some very early Carlo Vinci animation. Carlo is one of the most unique animation stylists in history. He moved things like no one else. His specialties were sexy girls and dance animation.

clip 1:

Carlo was way ahead of his time. His animation is much more advanced than his contemporaries. He was doing squash and stretch, overlapping action, follow through and animation techniques before they were officially invented at Disney's.

In these same cartoons, there are animators moving almost stick figure like characters, while Carlo's animation of the same characters is very much alive.

In "Slow But Sure", the hare races the tortoise, but stops midway for some action from a sexy bunny who eagerly complies.

clip 2:

That's some pretty detailed anatomy for a kiddie cartoon!

I'm gonna have pizza with Carlo's granson John Vinci tomorrow, so I'll try to get some good stories about his talented Grandpa for you...

clip 3:

Carlo was a dancer himself and you can certainly tell from his animation that he knew how to shake booty.


The scene after this sure looks suspicious, like they did something more thrilling than skating and dancing!

Terrytoons and a lot of lost cartoons are full of funanimation styles that have disappeared, but thanks to Jerry Beck and Mark Kausler and a few other folks, the cartoons are being rediscovered. I hope we can revive some of the techniques that have been lost to time. Wait'll you see some great Bill Tytla animation from Terrytoons. I like it even more than his Disney animation!

If you are interested in getting some of these long lost cartoons, write to world renowned animation archaeologist Jerry Beck at CartoonBrew.

Marc Duckwalk Deckter procured these great images and clips for you, so give him a big thank you!