Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Lady's Garden - Carlo Vinci - beat up the pervert

Here's a wonderful kiddie picture with a common cartoon theme.


"My Lady's Garden"(1934), Terrytoons

Alternate Title:

It's amazing how many early cartoons had would-be rapists in them. Spiders are almost always rapists and they don't even want their own kind. They like mere six legged chicks.

Clip 1:

The funny part about all these old cartoons is that the little guy is always able to beat the crap out of the big hairy brute. They never even bother to explain it. Like Puddy the fly was bitten by a radioactive Ultimate Fighter and then gained super strength or something. Nope.

Merely because the little guy is good, that's enough to beat up a huge bastard. Today, the executives would make you explain why the little guy can vanquish the big mean monster. "Kids won't understand it unless it's logical." or some kinda poppycock like that. Maybe because executives are bad and ugly and they have vanquished the good and kindly cartoonists. For now.

Clip 2:

In the 30s you didn't need an excuse to be entertaining. You just did it and no one ever questioned it.

Carlo Vinci must have animated a hundred of these scenes where the beautiful girl's chastity was threatened but ultimately was preserved for another day.

If you are interested in seeing more perverted cartoons, write to world renowned animation archaeologist Jerry Beck at CartoonBrew.