Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Lady's Garden - Carlo Vinci - beat up the pervert

Here's a wonderful kiddie picture with a common cartoon theme.


"My Lady's Garden"(1934), Terrytoons

Alternate Title:

It's amazing how many early cartoons had would-be rapists in them. Spiders are almost always rapists and they don't even want their own kind. They like mere six legged chicks.

Clip 1:

The funny part about all these old cartoons is that the little guy is always able to beat the crap out of the big hairy brute. They never even bother to explain it. Like Puddy the fly was bitten by a radioactive Ultimate Fighter and then gained super strength or something. Nope.

Merely because the little guy is good, that's enough to beat up a huge bastard. Today, the executives would make you explain why the little guy can vanquish the big mean monster. "Kids won't understand it unless it's logical." or some kinda poppycock like that. Maybe because executives are bad and ugly and they have vanquished the good and kindly cartoonists. For now.

Clip 2:

In the 30s you didn't need an excuse to be entertaining. You just did it and no one ever questioned it.

Carlo Vinci must have animated a hundred of these scenes where the beautiful girl's chastity was threatened but ultimately was preserved for another day.

If you are interested in seeing more perverted cartoons, write to world renowned animation archaeologist Jerry Beck at CartoonBrew.


Kali Fontecchio said...

And they're so good! The titles themselves are hilarious!

Vanoni! said...

That spider is great.
He almost has a Don Martin feel.

- Corbett

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

LOL! It's doubly funny because you handle the subject like an investigative reporter who's shocked to find that film spiders are rapists!

lastangelman said...

All this stuff is beautifully animated but unfortunately some uncouth unevolved executive would see this stuff and totally miss the point, and think, "sex sells", instead of "great funnily animated sophisticated taste cartoon", and give us a dreadful unfunny contemporary piece of dreck like Stripperella (or How I finally lost respect for Stan Lee).

Chloe Cumming said...

Cartoons need more of this kind of level of archetype, the brute rapist, the nice guy, the sexpot virgin butterfly... Oh, invertebrates!

I don't suppose it's very politically correct.

It's assumed that we're too sophisticated and technologified for this kind of thing, but that's nonsense... children have an innate sense of these things, of injustice and justice and hairy brutes and these simple manageable representations of morality.

Cayen said...

theres a website that streams a bunch of REALLY old cartoons. actually I saw one the other day from the late 20's. Ironically it was Tom and Jerry. However it didn't feature a cat and mouse, it was two dudes and a resturant.

It's nice seeing these older cartoons, where we were and where we are.

Scroll down to

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Love the spider design. His acting is funny too.

Shawn said...

To be honest, I really don't blame the spider. That butterfly has got some hott legs.

Marcelo Souza said...

There was one animator that I've always reconized his style even as a kid and thanks to the internet I just found out his name, Jim Tyer. In my opinion one of the funniest animators ever, worked on Terrytoons, Mighty Mouse, Herman mouse etc... John, you could talk a bit about him in the future. Take a look at this:

mike f. said...

Who are we to judge?
Spiders need love, too.

Flea Bailey
(formerly, F. Lee Bailey)

Arschblog said...

I agree with Mike, Spiders are lovely animals, especially this one!
I like this cartoon, the characters are so cute, it's a shame that they don't show such great cartoons like that on TV anymore.

Roberto González said...

Yeah, that's definitely one thing I hate about some movies and cartoons. They have to include motivations and logic for everything! Sometimes it's ok, but can't you have some fun? I have watched scenes in some movies in dvd that were cut cause they wouldn't fit in the story, but they were funnier or had interesting visuals. Why would you cut something like that?

I'm loving this Carlo Vinci stuff. Keep it coming.

toonamir said...

I always thought people underrate how intelligent kids really are. not cartoonists of course, we're just overgrown children ourselves!

Carlo Vinci's animation is stunningly entertaining!An' I totally agree about the 30s.

Anonymous said...

Here are some titles on the Terrytoons DVD I bought.

"Indian Pudding"
"Codfish Balls"
"Monkey Meat"

I'd name more, but, I'd have to wash my mouth out with soap. And then burn the soap. hahaha.

The GagaMan(n) said...

Great cartoon animation once again, but isn't that butterfly girl the same exact design as that rabbit one you posted previously, with different props (wings and antennas rather than bunny ears and a tail) tacked on? Good points raised, though.

Tom Dougherty said...

Nearly every one of the "good" Popeye cartoons involves the threat of rape. Bluto/Brutus dragging Olive off against her will, Olive screaming, Popeye justified in beating the brains out of that fat son of a bitch.

Jenny said...

JOHNNNNNNNNIIIEEEE(think "Scarlett Street" and imagine me calling across the blogosphere softly in Joan Bennett's voice):
Please turn on comments for your most recent off-model WB post! Thanks, pal!