Saturday, December 20, 2008

Odd Leftovers

sorry about not posting everyone's comments till today
I was flying home last night and then I came back and discovered no internet at the house
there were 2 comments I didn't post because they are full of obscenities. I'll blank out the nasty parts and post them when my internet is working again.
By the way, I may do a post on Basil Wolverton - who may have inspired a lot of the itchiness of the 60s - and who I love
I'll explain the difference between what he does and what the bland itchers do
and maybe a post on the opposite of "appeal", which I wouldn't say is "ugly", but rather "depressing".
You can be appealing and fake ugly at the same time without being just plain down and out depressing, although depressing cartoons are more likely to win fancy awards and high critical praise