Sunday, July 04, 2010

Beautiful People 21


Chloe Cumming said...

R-Patz is dorkier than that. And yet in the movies he sparkles and is magical, swoon. It must be the special effects.

I like it when you post your drawings of people

Zartok-35 said...

Very nice!

SparkyMK3 said...
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Mattieshoe said...

Great, Observant stuff, John.

Is that Rich Arons in the first picture?

Mattieshoe said...

Okay, Obviously it's Travolta, but can you blame me for seeing the resemblance?

Peter Yong said...

HA HA! Is that Alistair Overeem?

Been keeping up with your blog for quite a while. I'm a big fan! This a such an amazing resource!

Love if you checked out my blog:
Im a bit of an MMA fan myself!

Thank you for all that you have shared!

Scrawnypumpkinseed said...

Ha, Its those disgusting pre-teen vampire blobs! Fantastic!

By the way, I finally made a post on blog, for any interested

Lesson I learned: I have to try and make my drawings simple to read in silhouette but not have fragments of pointy negative space.

Austin Papageorge said...

Looking at your drawings, John, I've decided that I would be interested in seeing Twilight if it were an animated film.

Emily Anthony said...

Haha, I so enjoy it when you post caricatures!.The Travolta is hideously hilarious!

Isaak said...

I enjoy the caricatures, even though fighting is not much for me.

Are you going to buy the Toma and Jerry dvd that was just released, because it contains the first Tom and Jerry, with hopefully no censoring.

Also, I would like the caricature so I can spruce up my apartment so if you can please respond to my email. Also, I can show you the record covers if you would like.

Please tell me if you are unable.

SparkyMK3 said...

Isaak Said:

-->"Are you going to buy the Toma and Jerry dvd that was just released, because it contains the first Tom and Jerry, with hopefully no censoring."

Isaak, stay away from that new DVD. It's just a lame rehash of stuff alread included in the three Spotlight Collections (which are uncut save for a handful of goofed up, but ultimately irrevelent shorts) with the exception of a couple never before released tv specials and shorts from their post Golden Age years. Here's an in depth review of this new collection for more details:

Just stick with the three Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collections (and for a copy of Casanova Cat, which isn't on any of the DVDs, get the VHS tape "Tom and Jerry's Cartoon Calvacade".) And if it tickles your fancy, try and hunt down "Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Collection" if you're a completist kindof guy.

RooniMan said...

If there was a punch-bag of Rob Pat, I would duke it out on it for years. *snicker*