Monday, July 26, 2010

Free: Clampett Frame Grabs To Study

Here are some great frame grabs from Clampett cartoons thanks to Chris Lopez. His site is a wonderful resource for cartoon and comic lovers.

Daffy in his absolute prime. Look what an appealing design that is!

More teeth in Clampett cartoons.
Best eyes.

Funniest poses- this is McKimson here! He never drew like that in his own cartoons!

This is the best cud chewing scene ever animated. Chris..please put up the extremes!

I love Clampett's ghostly crowd paintings!

Funniest visual jokes.
Weirdest characters.
Most intense acting.
More stretch.
I wonder why there isn't a book about Clampett? The guy is obviously the greatest (and most generous) cartoon director of all time. I was at the Illiad bookstore yesterday and there were about 10 Chuck Jones books, and not one Clampett. I don't get it. Clampett is the guy who did the WB style purer than anybody and was most responsible for their success.