Thursday, July 01, 2010

Regular People Instead Of Models

It's easier to caricature someone who isn't a professional model.
Trying to figure out how the body works under all those lumpy clothes is a problem.More lumpy clothes but a good head to draw.
These caricatures are still conservative because I am drawing the people for the first time and only from one angle.

Whoops, I see I got lazy and drew at an angle instead of looking straight at the paper. That makes my drawings look skewed.
Here, I cheated and skewed it back in photoshop.


Mykal Banta said...

Love that third one. You capture the girl's demure, knock-kneed cuteness perfectly. Plus, I love her hand. All looks very, very unstiff. Thanks for sharing.

Leedar said...

I'm impressed that there is someone who is taking this sort of effort into drawing people with specific features and style characteristics. Drawing actual Japanese people rather than just Western-culture-approved 'Asians' you see on US TV!? Unthinkable to a lot of people.

I'm also quite interested to see how this translates into original drawings. How many cartoonists just rely on stereotypes removed from reality like 'every single East Asian person has slit eyes and big cheek bones' and you're done?

Paul B said...

I have the same problem with the angle because my chair is a little small.

elephantmarchblog said...

Well, seems I gotta eat my words: I've accused you of complacency that didn't match your criticizing. But it seems you are making an effort to branch out of the areas you've shown interest in the past. That you could convey interesting and appealing character designs outside the very broad and.... for want a better word "cartoony".

All the caricatures, particularly the pretty Asian women, are well done and interesting even in your least impressive exploratory sketches: and after pointing out unpleasant trends with "pretty lead" hair, you've now gone to great lengths to try and show a solution to the popular design habits you don't like.

Timothy R said...

I don't know if it's just me, but I love how you're able to draw knee caps so well. It may seem like a simple enough feature to draw, but for the life of me I just can't pull it off well...

Very entertaining caricatures!

Tom said...

Hi people who sketchpractice
my latest obsession is

Gad said...

i think we should cancel Regular People

Anonymous said...

Now I wanna see some caricatures of some really ugly people. Regular people can become super boring after a while, IMO. Ugly people are usually funny looking.

Start with this onee

She-Thing said...

Veri, veri, nice... liking the third and first one, specially the shapes used for her hand.
Two questions mr. K: from where did you get these pics and which size is the paper you use? Are you more of using your arm for big spaces or your hand for small spaces?

I myself not sure if I'm being fearful by using half the size of an A4.
I mean, I am confident by using small spaces to draw,but perhaps I am unconsciously being conservative.

manuel said...


For practice, life-size is best.
The smaller your drawings get, the more forgiving get your eyes with what you have done.
I had to do nude studies for half a year in life-size. It was hell.

Elana Pritchard said...

Thanks for posting all the caricature work. You have finally twisted my arm and I will do some studies as soon as I'm done with the preschooler's animation project (when working with children that young you pretty much must spend all your physical and mental energy on them- you don't really have a choice).


Sean Lane said...

Ahhhhhhhhh, realizing out you've been drawing at an angle the whole time is the worst!

Salomon Fenix said...

Hey John Kricfalusi, you like manga style?

Peter Bernard said...

It's easier to cartoon someone you can make fun of. It's easier to cartoon someone who isn't going to punch you in the head if you make her look bad on your blog, too. But life isn't about what's easiest to manly bacon-eating cartoonists!

That's why I'm becoming a vegetarian starting now.

thomas said...

Very nice drawings.

The head on the top one is very masterful.

I think you said you were looking at Kokoschka.

The influence shows- in a good way.

Thought you might find these interesting.


RooniMan said...

I hate lumpy clothes. Why anybody would wear'em is beyond me.