Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vintage Comic Ad Copywriters

It must have been a fun job to write the copy for the ads in comic books. I sometimes wonder if they knew who the audience for comic books was.

Who are your favorite principal characters in Looney Tunes?
Can you imagine your kids comparing their grand comic tales with each other?

This copy really speaks in a vernacular every child can identify with.


Trevor Thompson said...

Wow! That Bugs head shot at the top is a very specific one! And it actually looks like him.

HemlockMan said...

"Oh, my! I purchased these goods and had a jolly time," said Timmy.

RooniMan said...

These ad make what they're selling quite clear.

Anonymous said...

I also love it when comics have fun little puzzles drawn in them, like the mazes in the Sherm comics. These copywriters sure knew how to sell to kids effectively unlike the cartoon hating, kid hating people at Cartoon Network. They could sure learn a valuable lesson here if they ever stop putting dumb live-action shows and movies on their channel. Pathetic. Did you know about that, John?

JohnK said...

Well I'm not sure how anyone could make enough cartoons for a 24 hour a day channel.

Anonymous said...

Well they showed cartoons all the time nonstop until about 2006 or so for about 14 years (with the exception of that live-action Fridays program which showcased cartoon premieres), with a lot them coming from the WB and MGM libary. That's the year when they started putting all those live-action movies and shows on their network, and most of them weren't and still aren't very good in quality either. It's the stuff that anyone can watch on TBS for free. There's no excuse for having live-action programs on that channel especially when they had no good reason to change. Period. It's like airing something like Twilight on Turner Classic Movies, which they'd never do.

What Ted Turner promised Cartoon Network to be

You make a good point though. Cartoon Network was a dumb idea in the first place if they weren't gonna have enough cartoons to showcase. Might as well rename it the Turner Kids Entertainment Network or something like that.

Chloe Cumming said...

I'm kind of mesmerized by Linus the Lion's red flower. I feel the need to have his brilliant cuteness in my home, my friends will marvel at my sparkling good taste I think.

Taco Wiz A.K.A That One Guy said...

Can you upload these comics in their entirety?

Please, Mr. John.

Isaak said...

I offered Steven Worth and will also offer you scans of the covers of Disney records.

They are beautiful.

My email can be reached on my profile if you are interested.

Isaak said...

Mr. K, did the surviving Nine Old Men in the early 90s raise a fuss about the lowering of standards? If not, was it because of company loyalty?

Martin Juneau said...

"Well I'm not sure how anyone could make enough cartoons for a 24 hour a day channel."

No one these days can make a valuable 24-hours cartoons channel today.

Teletoon launched in 1997 to be the only Canadian network ever to animation, but the CRTC accorded to them only 90% of animation, it's means the 10% can fit to pointless live-actions shows or movie craps seen in others channels like they tried to do currently.


Isaak said...

Wow even the advertisements were beautiful.

Were there any picture advertisements for the shows you did or were they made by "writers."

Also, Fairly Oddparents did an episode extolling the virtues of 30s cartoons. It may not be Disney quality, but it was probably one of the only episodes in which the characters were likable. And they made fun of PC cartoons.

Maybe Butch Hatman could be receptive to your teachings.

Isaak said...

Sorry. I meant the shows you did before Mighty Mouse, like the Filmation "cartoons."

I meant to insult the executives.

Again, sorry for seeming to imply you were a hypocrite.

But the question remains, what were the advertisements when you were first looking for work.