Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'll Be At the Flagstaff Film Festival

Join me at the Flagstaff Film Festival in Arizona, Saturday August 14th!!!
A brand new independent film festival.

JOHN K. PRESENTS A KIDDIE MATINEE shows from 1:00 - 2:30 PM at the historic Orpheum Theater in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona.

I suggested this event because I remembered that when I was a kid, they used to have Saturday matinees with old cartoons, comedy shorts and dinosaur movies. I figured that a lot of modern kids don't get to see this kind of stuff - especially all in one showing, so this is good old fashioned family entertainment - with lots of explosions, frying pans over the head and slapstick wackiness! Parents will love it too!

Afterwards stick around for a meet and greet, and get a caricature ($10 for kids; $20 for adults).

Saturday Evening 7:00: JOHN K. RETROSPECTIVE a more adult-oriented program at 7:00 PM also at the Orpheum Theater. Lots of rare Spumco cartoons and crazy stuff.

After the show concludes there will be another chance to get a caricature, and chat with me about the films. Kali will be there too so make her draw for you.
There will also be a FREE outdoor show Sunday night with fun and cartoons and mingling with the filmmakers and Hoi Polloi.

Tickets available online! It's $10 per show. Although you can buy a pass for the full week of film and shows for $99.
Go see the Grand Canyon while you're there, it's very close by!
Visit something even more HISTORIC -Flintstone Village!
Flintstones Bedrock City
Grand Canyon Hwy, Valle, AZ
On the west side of US 180 just north of its junction with Hwy 64.
Daily 6 am-sunset (summer), 7 am-sunset (winter) (Call to verify)


Martin Juneau said...

Shame i can't be. It sounds a very good moment. I hoping they having the same matinees at our local theater like as a kid.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Good luck with that, John. If I was still a kid, and not the grumpy teenage curmudgeon I am now, I would have loved to see something like this where live on the East Coast.

"Disorder in the Court" is sure gonna make the kiddies fall out of their chairs dying of laughter. Great choice!

Isaak said...

I wish I could come.

Are you going to invite any executives, because maybe seeing the happiness of children and adults watching classic cartoons will teach them something?

From what you write, it seems Fred Selbert is the most sensible executive. Maybe he will learn that showing Snorks on his channel is not good enough.

Tom said...

bring it to england!
good luck teaching modern kids real entertainment values. screen night of the hunter while your at it.

top cat james said...

Love that pic of Walter Matthau in the Fred Flintstone suit.

Seriously, thank you, K, for not joining the idiot celebrities boycotting Arizona-if I could, I'd come enjoy the show, and give my support.

JohnK said...

People are boycotting Flintstone City!!!??

an outrage that is

TedM said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I really wish that I could be there.

Poink said...

Too bad I live far away.
I mean, reallyyyyy far away. (( France )

Martin Juneau said...

Off-topic, but here's the poster from the new Yogi Bear movie they made. I tell you, it's hideous! http://www.cartoonbrew.com/wp-content/uploads/yogiposter_a.jpg

blitherypoop said...

....just make sure you bring your papers.

HemlockMan said...

Cool. Many's the time I wished I lived on the west coast. All the cool shit in fandom happens there.

Shawn Dickinson said...

Sounds great!!!

Taco Wiz A.K.A That One Guy said...

PLEASE do something like this in Washington DC next time! I can't ever afford to get to Arizona!



Nic Sweet said...

Yo. Wish I could check this out. Your blog is a wealth of information man. Thanks John.

Isaak said...

Are you showing any of the Censored 11?

JohnK said...

no, it's family friendly

EvieWonder said...

Hello there,

(I'm afraid this isn't really relevant to the actual post, but I couldn't figure out any other way of getting in touch, so bear with me). As someone that feels rather left out in the cold by the clunky CGI animation that seems to be gracing my television set at the moment, myself and a few other aficionados at the University of London are trying to cobble together a society that focuses on traditional cartoons and animation (i.e. viewings, talks etc.). Having stumbled across your blog after being a Ren and Stimpy admirer for years (and especially enjoying your notes on Warner Bros. character design), I wondered whether you could recommend a few toons in particular to really kick start the first screening.

Thanks a lot,


Isaak said...

Weren't the Censored 11 orignally made for kids and adults? Do you think we are getting more juvenile? Peter Lorre had a good quote that a six-year old in Germany was older than a sixty-year old here?

Also, are you going to invite Seibert or any executive wishing to see how to entertain people without contextless pop-culture jokes?

Archie said...

Aww, this is when being across the Atlantic ocean is a real kick in the nuts. Do a video diary John haha, if i cant be there it would be cool to see what you guys get up to there.

Derrick Davidson said...


Isaak said...


On this website, the people say they will sell a DVD containing the Censored 11 and other banned cartoons. I am not affilitated with the site, but would like you and others on the forum to know about this product, since the odds are nil we will see them on a quality DVD.

Anonymous said...

Cry right now and grab a barf bag. Your worst nightmare is finally coming true..

*Amazingly, for celebrity voices, they weren't that bad playing their parts, but everything else is...you know, just click on the link to find out.

Pete Emslie said...

Hey John,

I was out to Las Vegas for the first time in June, and made a side trip out to the Grand Canyon as well. Our coach tour went by Bedrock City on the way there, and I had to laugh as I remembered back to a previous post of yours where you ran images of the original wonky characters and structures there. Though I only saw it for a few seconds from the coach window, it did look hilariously cheesy! Too bad we didn't get to stop there like we did at Hoover dam.

SandraRivas said...

I really wish I could join but I'll be in Orlando on August 4 for a couple of months.

I hope you have fun!

SandraRivas said...

Oh I really wish I could join but I'll be in Orlando on August 4th.

Have a great time though!!

Ian said...

Ill be there for sure. Luckily enough I ll be there for that day. Im going to order my tickets soon and get a hotel to stay at and pack penut butter jelly sandwiches on the drive up there. Cant wait to meet ya!

Chris said...

Awesome, I am glad to see Flag finally got a film festival. I remember going to the Orphem during my time at NAU. Great place, they use to dress up in costume for the opening weekends of films. Star wars, Batman, Robin Hood, fun times. I hope your appearance goes over like gangbusters!

derek said...

I went, and that pretty girl selling the cool merch. took my picture with my caricature. chumps.

derek said...

I went, and that pretty girl selling the cool merch. took my picture with my caricature. chumps.