Thursday, December 02, 2010

Cartoon Shirt For Real Men

Here is the final with fancy-ass cross-hatching.
This is how manly you will look in a shirt that celebrates the magic of cartoon violence.
Even sissies look tough in this colorful MMA shirt.

and here is the girl one revised again...


Dan said...

I would buy that manly one.

Steven M. said...

Oh yeah! That I like alot! I'll take it, but do you deliver?

JohnK said...

Yes, right to your Octagon.

MistahB said...

Well that shirt defiantly needed to be revised. No offense it's just the last one wasn't really easy on my eyes with the color choice in all.

marcushelbling said...

I want it soooooo bad.

Crystal said...

Cute! I really like the girly shirt!
Did you see that Ren and Stimpy were referenced in Panty and Stocking? It's a new anime currently airing in Japan. Episode 8 is where they appear
When I saw it I was like ohmygosh I wonder if JohnK saw this yet!!!??

akira said...

when and where can i buy it? i'll pay extra if it's on nice quality tshirt too (like american apparel)
it's so awesome!!! thanks for making it, john!!!... sometimes i think i get dirty looks with my other donald bastard shirt just because it says "bastard" on it

mugger said...

At least one manly t-shirt for me (lg.). I'd buy definitely buy it if my wife will let me.

m said...

Love both shirts! Think you should give the guys the option to have a Heartaches tee as well, I love it.

Katy Lloyd said...

The new girl revision looks super! Is there any chance you could put a few small girl shirts up on Ebay, for us poor people that can't get on the celebrity merch website?
(For some reason it doesn't work for a lot of people... I googled it, it's not just me)

Erik B said...

looks awesome!
what are you going to charge for one of these shirts?

Also i'd like a shirt with kowalski on it :P That would be really manly :P

Victor Resistor said...

I have lots of good marketing ideas.

John, I think it would be a big seller if you made two different t-shirts:

1. Sexy Girl (title on shirt)
On this you have one of your trademark sexy girls dancing.

2. Manly Man (title on shirt)
On this you have an overtly masculine man posing.

If you like these ideas can I have something free! :-)

Victor Resistor said...

You can then follow that up with:

Big Cuddly Bear
Sex Kitten
Fox in Pop Sox

People seem to like catchy t-shirt slogans that are saying something good about them. If you combine that with your excellent art I think you will be onto a winner.

JohnK said...

>>Is there any chance you could put a few small girl shirts up on Ebay, for us poor people that can't get on the celebrity merch website?<<

Hi Katy

that might work. Are you in Europe?
I wish I knew how many people can't get on that website.

Isaak said...

This relates to your earlier critiques of today's culture.

Did you hear that a FELLOW actually showed that DNA in a particular organism can actually take on arsenic, a known toxin. REVOLUTIONIZING biology.

Hope that gives you hope. There are still beacons of light who are getting recognition

Here is an article about it.

Sven Hoek said...

I'll take one in XL, please.

Fata Morgana said...

I like the girl one MUCH better in blue. I can't wear pink at all. :(

yawn said...

I like the manly shirt, but still want a Heartaches shirt.But the manliest shirt of all, would be a shirt that had a image of all the Ripping Freinds, kissing Dr. Jeane Poole.

Kent said...

I'm a manly man and I would buy a Heartaches shirt in a non-girl cut. It's that cool.

zmerrill said...

I'd take the manly one for awesome cage fights for sure. Both are awesome so far!

Scrawnycartoons said...
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Katy Lloyd said...

Hiya John,

Yes, I'm in England. I put the shop link up on facebook and asked how many of my friends could see the site, I got about a half/half response... think it might be something to do with Virgin network :-/

But if you put a small girl's up on Ebay I promise I will buy one!
Or else perhaps you could create an Etsy store (it's like an arty version of ebay)?

Steini said...

John, if you want people who can't access the Celebrity Merch website to be able to buy your shirts you could try either: