Friday, December 03, 2010

Mighty Mouse Fan Club Thrill Package

Look how much fun it was to be part of the Mighty Mouse Fan Club! You get a nifty "Sourpuss Hole activity" as just part of the fun.This is too much cool stuff. A kid would have a heart attack from this much joy.Before you play with all your Terrytoons treasures, here are the important rules you must follow.You better do exactly as we say, if you don't want Mighty Mouse himself to come and beat your ass.

You can walk faster in official Mighty Mouse shoes. What makes them Mighty Mouse shoes?There is a picture of him inside the shoe where only the wrinkly part of your foot will ever see it.

Pocket size Mighty Mouse comics are a thrill and a half.
Lots of wholesome punching in every issue.
A good dose of all-American strangling sets a good example for children as well.

No problem can not be resolved by a good sock in the kisser.


Most kids enjoy dead versions of their favorite cartoon characters.
Here is Little Roquefort in his casket.
He has a special nose.
Whoever is auctioning this toy knows instinctively that the perfectly preserved mummified label is its essential selling point.
Roquefort may have passed on, but his tapeworm still thrives.