Monday, December 20, 2010

For Yowp: Look For The Low Ear

There are many ways to spot a Walt Clinton character, but the easiest trait to look for is the low ear.
If you draw a line from the ear to the nose it will go up to the nose on a diagonal.
He likes to put the ear right at the back of the head touching the collar.
What I like about his style is that it feels like a middle aged man cartoonist's view of the world. Everyone is kinda dumpy, irritable and has bad posture. I think cartoons (including comics, magazine cartoons etc.) for the first 70 years were largely drawn by middle aged dumpy cigar smoking men - it's kind of our medium. Or at least it was. Now it's more like a medium for gays, nerds and emos.
Clinton drew some of the best 1st season Flintstone episodes. He really makes Fred look dumpy. Look for the episode where he becomes a rock star - "Hi-Fi". It's hilarious.
Clinton also likes triangles.Triangular heads, low ears and a triangular nose are dead giveaways.
Here are some Quick Draw layouts by Ed. The human characters are very different than Clinton's.
Note the high ears.

Now compare Walt and Ed to that master of the primitive, Tony Rivera
Rivera must have been related to Bill Hanna or something because he ended up doing more shows than any of the professional layout artists. His stuff makes me crazy. It looks like a kid drew it.
I wonder what the animators thought getting layouts like these. This cartoon is animated by the great George Nicholas, but he is stuck using the stick figure poses that are given him.
Here's a nice hand by Rivera, predicting the 90s and everything that came afterMore on Clinton later...