Monday, October 03, 2011

Wacky Cartoon T Shirts At My Dizzy Virtual Store

Hey if you've bought any of the colorful t shirts in the store and wanna be a model in my next ad, send me a photo of you wearing one.Thank Alex for his wonderful 3d store magic. And thank Ella below, Dad just above and Layla at the top of the page.

Here is what we have in stock ready to go:

Blen and Kubercheebie womens: 6-M 2-XLWomens Blen

Blen and Kubercheebie mens: 1-S, 5-M, 3-XL, 5-XXLMens Blen

George Liquor 1-S, 1-L, 5-XL, 11-XXL
George Liquor
Slab and Donald Gray 1-S, 9-M, 4-L, 3-XL

Slab and Donald Gorilla Green 2-S, 9-M, 3-L

Heartache Avocado 2-S, 8-M

Heartache Kiwi 8-S, 10-M, 4-L

Jimmy 1-L, 3-XLJimmy Front