Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

Hey Dad, remember when you looked like a movie star?
I love how these 50s Kodachrome photos look. I always wanted to make a cartoon using this type of color and lighting.
Here's Dad in the air force. He'll tell you that every kid needs to spend at least 2 years in the service "That way, you'll learn some Goddamn DISCIPLINE!"
Here's that hot chick he snagged with his rugged looks and manly jaw.
My Mom looks like Paul McCartney. She'd probably hate to hear that since the Beatles destroyed her generation's world.Here's the rebellious kid they dropped into the world.
I'm wearing my favorite shirt with the one googly eye. I used to jump up and down to make the eye jiggle. My first attempt at animation.
My folks tried again and had better luck the second time.

But even Elizabeth had a short dirty hippie period. She is giving an organic dog massage to Jocko the pup. Dad came up with that name. It was his one act of creativity.
I got a Secret Sam spy briefcase with full assault weaponry for the King Of Peace's birthday and Elizabeth got a broom?? It must have been the one year that I was good.

"Johnny, you be a good little boy and go take out all the communists in the neighborhood, and Elizabeth, you clean up the body parts afterwards!"I think this is the Zweibrucken air force base's champion bowling team.
You don't wanna mess with this guy. When he barks an order, SNAP TO IT, PUNK! Everybody stand and salute my manly father.

Happy Birthday Dad!
Look, he stole Mom's Ren and Stimpy shirt! Maybe he'll get his butt whacked when he gets home from Darts tonight.
Dad is a big fan of Marvel Comics, just like me.