Monday, October 17, 2011

Fredrikstad Animation Festival (Norway) November 9 - 13

Here's my welcoming committee.
Don Hahn on the 80s-90s Disney Renaissance
Don was production manager and producer at Disney's in the late 80s and through the 90s and will talk about the behind the scenes stories that went on during the making of their animated films. Many cartoonists and animators who are friends of mine or who I have worked with help make these films and I'm sure Don will relate fascinating memories and hopefully show lots of rare preproduction work.

Tod Polson on Maurice NobleTod Polson (himself a cartoon designer) was a good friend and colleague of Maurice Noble, one of Chuck Jones' top layout and background designers.
Tod is writing a book on Maurice and his work and will be doing a seminar about him. I will be excited to see this presentation.


I will be doing a seminar. They asked me to show some of the cartoons that influence me and then some of mine that used the influence.I'm going to talk about how I've tried to combine
and anImation with the acting in my favorite classic Hollywood live action films. Lots of rare old cartoons and a clip reel of Hollywood's most manly actors doing what they did best- slapping,

grimacing, feeling remorse and keeping us on the edge of our seats. If there's time, I will show clips of my cartoons that directly put to use some of my favorite inspirations from the past.
Maybe I will do A signing and you can buy a live CARICATURE from me. We are working out the details now.
You can order an overall pass at the festival, or individual tickets for each show/event.Here's where I'll be staying. And here's how I'll get around...The following week of the Norway festival I will be participating in the Bristol, England animation festival. I will do another post about that in a few days.

...also want to drive from Amsterdam to Zweibrucken Germany (where I lived when I was a kid) and wonder if I can find a guide for a day who speaks German.