Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Night Of Terror

Here's what Shawn Dickinson is wearing tonight, so when he says "Trick or Treat" make him draw you a cartoon for his sugar.
It's ok to offer him a cigarette because his costume is
Here's demonic voice actor Auralynn swathed in the sweet blood of her latest victim.

Here's some really scary costumes thanks to Mike Fontanelli.

Here's a mask actually of him.

Nothing is scarier than a duck wearing a necklace and a picture of himself on his satin breast.
The copper loin cloth is an essential accessory.


Bwanasonic said...

Do those vintage costumes still smell like the costumes I wore back in the 60's? Essence of flame retarded was a mighty intoxicating aroma.

Joshua Marchant (Scrawnycartoons) said...
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Isaak said...

Speaking of horror, have you heard of Charles Mintz's Krazy Kat cartoons? Are they really as bad as TvTropes says, and if so, is it still better than modern animation?

Thank you

Zoran Taylor said...

@Isaac - I saw one once when I was a kid. I recall Krazy (who's supposed to be a girl anyway) being more feminized than in the comic -voice-wise, at least- and being oddly enomoured of that personality, or whatever was left of it from Herriman. Then again, I was about six or seven years old, and I may or may not have been gay/a girl/a steam engine during that period of time......So you're probably thinking right now, "hey, that's amusing. It must have been delightful to witness this highly idiosyncratic child grow in his own special, unique way." No. Wrong. Go to hell. I would have to kill you if you did. It was very, very, VERY scary and wrong. And phlegmy.

@JohnK - Do I see a hint of an HD-Q clip of Bin's Jetsons scene? In existence? For real?? CAN WE SEE IT NOW PLEEEASE???!!!

Brunomac said...

I'm hoping Mr. Rat Fink was driving a bitchin' hot rod that night, and not some piece of crap Hyundai or something.

Isaak said...

What did you think of the animation? Also, I have my own list of movies I regret watching, among them Return of Jafar and Lion King II. As a youngling, I literally watched almost anything released by Disney

kurtwil said...

Ahhh, Rat Fink. Right up there with CARtoons! Nice to see that again.

As for Terror, "My Little Pony" is grabbing hold of male followers called "Bronies":

Chris Williams said...

Hey John,

I see you're going to a fest in Norway soon...wish I could be there...I saw you speak at Ottowa many years ago and have been hoping I could get you to my festival in the uK since...let me know if you might be

Chris Williams said...

Hey John,

I see you're heading to a fest in Norway soon...wish I could have gone...I saw you speak in Ottowa many years ago and have hoped I could get you to my festival in the UK'd love to have you over...let me know if you're up for it!


Barnabas Wornoff said...

Hey John,
We want you to come speak in Toronto at our new festival we're starting. is our site. It will be June 22-23rd of 2012. Book it off and we'll fly you up. Drop me an email when you have a chance:

Keep up the great posts my friend!


Nice Halloween post. One of my favorite holidays, no BS and lots fun. I like all it all!

Steven M. said...

I'd love to have a Rat Fink costume.