Friday, June 30, 2006

APC Trailer - Altruists

This cartoon is a tribute to the 3 Stooges. We crammed this full of more jokes per second than any other cartoon I've ever made. Lots of different kinds too and some just plain surreal.

Mike Kerr and Eric Bauza added a few and Jeff Aimey and Nick Cross did some great storyboarding-Vincent Waller too.

Kristy Gordon did the BG color styling.

It's like one of those episodes that starts with Moe beating the crap out of his best friends, but then he hears a woman crying and decides to help her out of the goodness of his soft heart. I love that incongruity.

So the story actually has a plot (and heart!), but lots of surprises happen along the way.

The animation was done at Bigstar in Korea and it's pretty damn good for foreigners.

Oh yeah, and we experimented quite a bit with the "sound design".

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