Friday, June 09, 2006

Wally Man Show 2

Wally Man has every speech impediment.

He hates 'pethth' (pests).

Here's a good reason.

Here are some teasers for you:

The Tortoise and the Mammal
Billy Chicken gets the idea that he could win a lot of money by staging a race and dressing up Sammy Beast in a Tortoise suit to race against Wally the higher invertebrate.
He tells Sammy to be sure to lose the race.

He figures Tortoises always win so everyone will bet on the tortoise, so Billy bets on Wally. The odds against Wally are 136 to one so Billy figures he’ll clean up.
Sammy Tortoise cheats to lose.

Wally is so stupid though that he loses the race anyway and the ugly mob of animals that Billy bet against chase him at the end of the cartoon.

Wally is left dumbfounded.

Aladdin’s Lump

Billy Chicken discovers a fleshy protuberance sticking out of the ground and rubs it, thinking that he will summon a magic genie to grant his chicken wishes.
No genie appears but the lump does get shiny which seems promising. He tries wishing upon a shine, but still nothing happens so he gets mad and hits the lump.
A bump appears on the lump and this time he knows he’s on to something.
He rubs the lump and sure enough out pops the enchanted Genie of the Lump.

In the end it turns out that the shiny fleshy lump is the top of Wally’s bald head. He has been buried in dirt for a week.
Everyone laughs as Wally chases Billy and the genie, sputtering dirt out of his impedimented lips.

The Thicken Pwot Thickens (The chicken plot thickens)
Billy and Sammy are cheap thugs that are looting the forest. It is a dark underworld film noir forest.
They are stealing sap from Maple trees, and striking terror throughout the animal kingdom.
Officer Wally Man of the undercover squad tracks them to bring them to justice.
A hard-boiled thriller.

Nathunal Geogwaphic Thtowieth
Wally is watching his favorite show-National Geographic.
He loves to watch nature shows about animals in the wild.
All of a sudden his reception goes haywire.
He goes outside to see what happened and finds wild animals chewing his cable lines and he goes crazy!
Wally tries to rid himself of his pests so he can go back to watching the wonders of nature safe inside his man-made environment.