Wednesday, June 28, 2006

APC Trailer - Fire Dogs 2

Here is another trailor that Eric Bauza made.

It's from Firedogs 2. This is a story that I wrote as a sequel for Firedogs in 1990, right after it aired.

The firechief in Firedogs one was inspired by Ralph Bakshi. After I got a lot of fan mail from it I decided to do a sequel where the Firechief invites Ren and Stimpy to move in with him and be his partners-just as Ralph once offered me to be his partner.

Almost all the scenes in this cartoon happened in real life. It's more of a documentary than fiction.

Incidentally, everyone who likes modern cartoons-cartoons after 1998 or so owes a big debt to Ralph. Ralph saved cartoons and cartoonists and gave us back our medium.

He started the whole revolution in TV cartoons in 1987 with "Bakshi's Adventures of Mighty Mouse". Those were the first "creator-driven" cartoons done in 25 years.

The show broke a lot of ground and hugely influenced everything that followed-Ren and Stimpy, Roger Rabbit, The Simpsons, Tiny Toons-even Batman. (Bruce Timm was my assistant and then a top layout man on Mighty Mouse and that's when he first got a taste of angular, stylized drawing.)

I instituted a new TV version of Directors' units to produce the cartoons, rather than using the crappy Hanna Barbera factory system that everyone else was doing on TV.

I combined the TV factory system with the old Warner Bros. system and then 2 years later refined it to produce Ren and Stimpy.

None of what followed Mighty Mouse would have happened had Ralph not protected a bunch of cartoonists from the hazards of network executives and cartoon "writers".

Many of the scenes in Firedogs 2 are scenes witnessed during the year and a half that Mighty Mouse was produced.

If you hate poo jokes, you will hate this, but a story about Ralph would be a lie without a good load of poo.

Incidentally, this cartoon suffers from some piss-poor timing, because we had just started the new episodes and were trying out a new system of shooting storyboards and timing them to music. A lot of the gags would play better if I could go back and cut them tighter.
I apologize in advance! (Just run it in fast forward!)

BTW, Ralph did his own voice in the cartoon. The guy has a great sense of humor!

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