Tuesday, June 13, 2006

APC Trailer - Stimpy's Pregnant

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OK, so check this out. Eric Bauza made trailors of all the APC cartoons.
As you can see from Stimpy's Pregnant we try lots of different things in every cartoon.

Each sequence has a different point, a different pacing and lots of new ideas.

Some scenes are about the subtlety of the acting and personalities some are action sequences some are cartoon firsts-like the onscreen live birth in this cartoon.

All the sequences further develop the overall point of the cartoon story. They are in context. The story has construction just like the drawings.

See how many different styles and ideas you can detect from this small portion of clips from the epic Stimpy's Pregnant -which BTW was written in 1990 for Nickelodeon. It's really a first season episode that we didn't get to make for 12 years.
Want to see more trailors?