Saturday, June 17, 2006

APC Trailer - Ren Seeks Help

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Here's some more crap.

It's one of those "psychodramas" I do from time to time. Some folks love them, some hate 'em.

They are based on my love of old film noir movies. Dark and rich with character. A lot of great artists worked on this-Nick Cross, Helder Mendonca did outstanding work. Eric Bauza did some killer voice work for Stimpy. Kristy Gordon painted the backgrounds-Nick did some too.

My Dad plays Ren's Dad in a scene basically right out of my life. (I didn't torture frogs though). I got caught smoking and the scene where Ren's Dad lecturing Ren and Mom crying is a reenactment of my getting caught smoking.

Bob Jaques and Kelly Armstrong's magical Carbunkle studio did a great job of animating this very difficult cartoon.

I hope no one thinks I'm condoning Ren's behaviour! I hate people who torture animals! That kind of behaviour belongs only in cartoons, not in real life.