Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Toy Drawing 4: Did Anyone Do Jinks?

These are pretty good. Let me know if you want a public critique.


Here's one Kali did. I hope some young artists will do some of the other angles too. It really is a good exercise and will help your animation.

Remember when you draw these to be very slow and careful, especially with your first steps. If you get the basic shapes out of proportion or wonky, all the details will be too!
Leave all your construction lines on the drawing. Don't erase them after, ok?Old cartoon characters share the same construction as this well designed and sculpted toy. If you wanna aim to animate this well, you gotta start with learning construction.
This fellow is working hard, but maybe not following the instructions exactly.
Start by drawing the basic shapes-the oval for the head, and then add the overall muzzle shape. Get those right first, then break each shape into its smaller components.
Don't erase the construction lines.
Try again, and go slower and more careful!

By the way, thanks to the latest contributors! (let me know if I've missed you!)

Stuart Mead

Jennifer Lewis

Chris DeCarlo

Mitch Leewe

Grant Beaudette

You guys make me feel like I'm doing something important. I can't wait to see your drawings and evolution!

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Wow, Jennifer! I hope you have something left over for Christmas presents! Wanna adopt a kid?