Monday, December 31, 2007

Hang Kali On Your Wall

Hey folks, Happy New Year! Thanks for a great year of comments and fighting! No seriously, it's great to know there are so many cartoon fans who are as passionate as me about the stuff and willing to shed blood for their beliefs.

Hey I bet some of you out there would love to have some cartoony decorations on your walls. Kali is constantly turning out sketches, paintings and color marker renderings and I so I said to her, "Why don't you see if anybody would want to buy some of this stuff?".

Kali, like all students is always struggling to get that exorbitant tuition paid and then eat on top of that. I'm sure lots of you out there know all about it!

Her current obsession seems to be the original TV Chipmunks from 1960. We've been watching those and they are really fun, way different than the creepy incarnations of the last 30 years, more cartoony, no cheesy pathos or moral lessons.

She has these great pages of inked doodles and I'm trying to get her to scan some and show 'em to you. I bet you could snap one up for a good bargain. I'll try to post some later today.

She can do custom stuff for you too, like caricatures of you and your buds.

Find her ass here:

Thanks again for a fun and educational year. Let's explore lots more cartoons this year.

Next: Various theories of animated "takes".