Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Korea Notes 4

Here's the last of my notes to overseas service studios. I hope they were helpful to someone out there!

On my last Korean show, the animators took our layouts and merely inbetweened them. The effect was that everyone floated from pose to pose. Nothing was favored. It was like the characters were underwater. It cost a fortune in retakes. We oughta just bring animation back to the country. Some of the budgets I've seen on modern flat shows could easily afford real animation. I see the shows and can't figure out where the money went.
Sometimes when people clean up animators' drawings, the characters end up fatter. That's because the clean up artist is drawing his lines on the outside of the animator's lines, rather than right on top.

Thanks to all these folks who donated. Did I miss anyone?

David Mackenzie

How to keep organized when doing storyboards...(for TV)


A genius animator on early Betty Boops, unfettered by Disney rules.

1942 - the height of creative and skilled animation.

Toy Construction 2 - a Knickerbocker Jinks - drawn in flash layer by layer using wiggly flash tools