Sunday, December 09, 2007

Toy Drawing 3 - Advanced -Knickerbocker toys - Jinks

Knickerbocker toys are more detailed than the cartoons they are based on. This is Jinks the cat. Draw him and reap the rewards of a better understanding of cartoon construction. you have already constructed Top Cat, you are now ready for a Knickerbocker toy.
The Knickerbocker toys have more elaborate forms than the Top Cat Toy we drew. The same general construction, but more complicated, so don't start with this exercise if you haven't done Top Cat yet.

I'm forcing myself to learn to draw in Flash. It's hard. The drawing tools suck. Yu can see how wiggly my lines are. Doing this in Flash though has its advantage. I can draw each level of construction on a separate layer, so that I can show them to you.
Work your way through each level, by drawing the biggest forms first. With each new level add the next biggest forms.
Note the perspective. The eyes curve around the round face and get smaller and thinner.

Each form, in turn has sub-forms-the muzzle is split into two balls in front and a wrinkle between the muzzle and eyes.

Here's the top layer of details, without the construction underneath. Sorry about the wiggly lines. Anyone have a secret to tell me how to get better lines in Flash?

Here are some more angles of Jinks for you to practice on.