Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ed Love upside down curly mouths and Clinton Oafs

Ed Love is one of my favorite animators. He had a varied career. He worked on 30s Disney cartoons (I just realized some of my favorite Disney cartoons have his animation in them), 40s Tex Avery and Lantz and TV Hanna Barbera cartoons. He really has his own style of movement.

When I was a kid I recognized his style 2 ways:
1) Upside down curly mouths
2) His movements were more fluid than the other animators. -he did fully animated HB commercials too! I'll show some later

Upside Down Curly Mouths

Mixing different animators with different layout artists

Here are two animation drawings by Ed Love. They have different proportions. The one on top is more even and tastefully on-model. The one below is more awkward and dumpy.
The one above is probably layed out by someone like Dick Bickenbach who drew everything with even pleasing gentle proportions. The one below is by Walter Clinton who always drew Fred (and other men) dumpy and oafish, which is funnier to me.Above: Bickenbach
Below: Clinton
There is a ton more to be said about Ed Love, and I will in further posts. This was just to give you a quick superficial clue to recognize his work from the drawings.

Some Clinton and Love oafs to admire