Thursday, February 23, 2006

Beautiful People 3

Ever see that movie, Supersize Me, about what happens to your body if you eat too much junk food?
That guy oughtta make a movie about what happens to you if you watch too many modern cartoons.
If you are watching a lot of SP, FG, FOP, DT, and their ilk, the chances are you are dulling your senses-particularly your eyeballs, so I'm gonna help you retrain them with this little test.
See if you can recognize some of Heaven's gifts to the world.
Tell me in the comments who you think they be, OK?
You folks are pals.

I thought you had to be tall to have acromegaly.

Stop kissing your monitor, fellas!

OK, go ahead and kiss it

Here is a man who knows lack of talent when he sees it but has yet to demonstrate what his own is. So that's how you get rich in this town!

Ye Gods! My underpants were melting when I drew these 3 delectable Hollywood dishes!

How are the eyeballs doing? Listen...a good cure for them is to watch as many classic Looney Tunes, Popeyes, Bimbos, Betty Boops and Tex Avery cartoons as you can!
So keep coming back for more, folks, and once your eyes are back in good shape, I'm gonna run a really swell contest called:
"Who is John K.'s Funniest Looking Fan?"
And I will personally draw your own wonderful head and mail it right to your door.
So if you are a real visual wonder, start taking some pictures of your strangest angles-but don't post 'em till I give you the HEADS up!

-Dr. Kricfalusi, eye, ear and nose specialist