Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Thanks and random pics

Hi Folks,

I'm overwhelmed! So many comments that I can't even begin to answer them all. And I thought you had forgotten about my ass.

Here's a drawing I did for my good friend Steve Worth who produced the Bjork video with me:

He is also the archivist at Asifa and is making the greatest classic cartoon/animation resource anywhere-you have to go there and see it! Steve, send me links to this and your hot dog site and I will add them! Real animation and cartoon fans need to go to this site and learn about all the best stuff ever done!

Here is a sample from my library of a million cartoon shows that every executive at every network laughed their butts off listening to, then refused to let you have. Eric Bauza put this cool collage of fun together.

By the way, Eddie Fitzgerald and I just had a pile of theories about blogs today. I want him to put one up. He is a hilarious and brilliant cartoonist and he has the most creative theories I've ever heard - and on every imaginable subject! Ask him about saliva and how couples look exactly the same.
I'll let you know when he puts his THING up. Study his every thought and enjoy his great drawings!

He thinks maybe blogs will help save the sorry situation in animation today. I hope he's right

But anyway thanks again for looking at my crap and I will keep posting as long as you are interested.