Monday, February 20, 2006

The Weiners of caricature contests!

Boy do I have some talented fans! You make it hard for me to pick favorites!
But here's my pick for the weiner of the Tomkat caricature contest:

Now go to Corky's site and see some more hilarious Hollywood celebrities, and check out her other art too!

There are lots more great Tomkat caricatures in the comments section so go ogle all those too!
Here's a gift from SOOP:

OK, I had a Helluvatime picking a weiner for the Angelina contest, but here it is!
Bob Risotto made this beautiful and pointy rendition of Hollywood's craziest looking family. Congratualtions. You are at the top of the universe today!

Here's #2 by Elliot. What an amazing sense of style and grace! Show us more of this stuff and explain your technique so everyone else can steal it!

#3 by Nathan Jones, a true master of the craft!

And here are some runners up:

Look what Gene made for us!

Attaboy Mitchell!

Here comes Brian Romero!

My man Vanoni!

Lookout Robert Risko, Chet is gunnin' for you!

And here is your reward for obeying my commands:

Hey weiners, repost your urls in the comments so we can see more of your stuff!

Now get back to the George Liquor program and get all your friends to post!
Thanks for having amazing talent and sharing it with the universe.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out my drawings John! I love that Jennifer Aniston drawing you just posted.

Sam said...

Dang wish my scanner had work in time

Anonymous said...

Good stuff.

Josh Boelter said...

These are all awesome! Too bad I can't draw or I would have joined in. Nice work, all.



CORKY said...

Ahhhh you are the COOLEST!

Them's sum fine-arse peices 0' art, yes'm! Hilarious and inspiring!

I'm so glad to see people chose that pic of Maddox with Angelina, and his tongue's just juttering out like a hungry lizard..ow!

Big applauses to everyone!


Aimee Nester said...

Is Mr. Vanoni "Steve"?? Because that would be cool; he's a resident artist here in SAC.

Piotr said...

Oh great styles, everyone! More contests!

lyris said...

The Jennifer Aniston one is definitely my favourite.

dark-forest said...

this is really good blog, and those illustrations are hillarious!!!

Vanoni! said...

Sorry! "Mr. Vanoni" is Corbett.
And he's a resident artist here in Los Angeles.

Have ol' Steve-O drop me a line though!
I'm constantly looking for new relatives to hit up for cash!

– C

Anonymous said...

Shit, I regret so much not participating on this one! Not that i'd beat all those talented folks...

Elliot said...

Well shit - that was unexpected.
Thanks very much indeed.
Bobs certainly is the finest although I thought Vanoni did a damn fine Jack Davis-ish version (certainly better than mine).
Good work everyone else - she's fucking hard to draw.
Not sure if you're interested in me blabbering on about technique on your own blog but you can find mountains more of my crap at Sandwichbag.
Feel free to steal whatever you like - I do!

Eric C. said...

Hey John,

Can you share some stories with us when you were with Bob Clampett.

The places you went when him and Eddie, what was it like to hang out with one of your heiros.

How old were you then ?

What did your dad think ?

I like that story that Eddie told on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection vol. 3 about the beer can.

You'll tell more stories on the future DVDs right ?


Anonymous said...

Damn I missed the deadline... Oh well, my tries sucked anyway... at least I got some practice! Expect a John K cariacture soon!

Anonymous said...

^^^That's me BTW. Maybe I'll do a John K vs. Mike Barrier! Too cartoon geniuses fighting to the death or something...

- Jorge Garrido (expect me to have a cartoon show one day)

Tits McGee said...

That's Prince William who is "so hot," yes? Brilliant.

Great work from your fans. I especially like Gene's Angelina.

Mitch K said...

John, man, most of the time following blogs is like pulling teeth! Nobody posts as much as you do! I'm having trouble keeping up! Getting comments from people is like pulling teeth as well, but you don't seem to have a problem with that either.

Your Tom caricature is hilarious -- your Paris one is scary! I love it!

(off topic question: where in Oakville did you live when you went to school? The place is dull, but the lake is great).

I'm having a great time, thanks budday!

rebecca said...

They all look great! Hey Mr Romero, i'm a particular fan of yours, that baby looks great.

geenpool said...

wow....John K typed my name...that's always fun. giggle...i need to go change my pants now.

mrianda said...

Shoot, I missed it. Uhmm if anyone wants to see my drawings anyway...I...I *sob*

Eric C. said...

Will there be a Ren & Stimpy Movie ?

That would RULE!

Elliot said...

mrianda - it's a shame you missed out - yours are very fine, particularly the bottom one.

just george said...

Some real nice work.
Looking forward to see more.

justjorge said...

Some real nice work.
Looking forward to see more.

Chet said...

Hey john-

Thanks alot,thats really cool that i got to be a runner up(especially since i didnt think it was that great).Personally i loved Elliot's,Its got a really cool style.Umm you said post url's so here are links to some of my favorite drawings.

If you want to look at more then just click on Thunderrobot once you type in either of the URL's below.Then you can click on my gallery.

Thanks again John,

SmittyCartoons said...

These are great John! I teach at RIT, where we're also blessed to have Jay Lincoln as a teacher. he's a mega-talented illustrator and does some kick ass caricatures. Here's one from his site I thougth you'd like particularly (Bjork)...

It's especially nice to see that you continue to post! I'll check in every few days!

boob said...

HO-LEE crap!

I never woulda thunk I'd be a favorite let alone THEE favorite especially with all the other great entries! I am on top of the Universe today for sure. Thanks a million John!

There's some pretty hysterical stuff though! I think I looked at everyone's link. And I just LOVE seeing the mix of styles. I love seeing everyone's own contribution and for me, trying to think like the artist is part of the fun! Stuff like this makes me wanna have the biggest pictionary game on the planet with all you guys :)

So here's my blog if ya care to stop by:
Bob (boob) Rissetto

And here's just a direct link to my jolie doodles post:


This was a blast gang. Hope ya all had fun with it too! Thanks a ton and cheers to everyone who got to submit somethin'!


matt b said...
Heres my best try.

Jason Pettus said...

John, pardon my French, but this post was so f*****g entertaining, I'm not sure where to even start. Will you PLEASE sponsor more mini-contests like this? I'm not an illustrator myself, so absolutely adore seeing what illustrators who like you come up with on their own; I'd love to see more of your fans' work here at the blog, please, along with your already excellent work yourself!

mitchL said...

Thanks for the compliments, John! I enjoyed all the submissions as well, it's nice to see such a deep fryer of variations and styles. Crispy and delicious.

Congrats, weiners ~ this was a grand ol' time!

C. A. M. Thompson said...

I agree I want to hear stories about Bob Clampett and also commentaries on classic animation.

Desiree said...

hey John
hehe, i printed out some of your charicatures today and hung them up in the classroom (geek i know)!
thanks for bringing Joy to my days!
i actually found myself laughing out loud lastnight lying in bed at 3 am (i can't seem to fall asleep).
Ive wanted to ask if youve drawn some charicatures of Natalie Portman. HOw the hell can one make such a hot person ugly? You've managed swell with ANgie Pangie!
See ya

akira said...

this is my favorite website!

(SR71)Atomica said...

Hey John, great blog, nice place you have here, I have been a fan of your work since the Ren & Stimpy days. (DID YOU KNOW...that Ren & Stimpy rates right up there with my other two all time favourite shows, Rush Limbaugh and Beavis and Butt-Head?)
I know, wild combo there, but hey, this George character is the BOMB, very interesting indeed, you keep up the GREAT work my friend!

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Wow! Love the blog. Just heard about it and read through all of it. I wish I woulda found it earlier to participate, but that won't stop me from whoring my wares. So here is my try for what it's worth.

Be cruel, I thrive on critiscm. ha.

Chris said...

Hi John- Not related in any way to this specific post, but...

YEARS later, I am still saying to people at random, non-sequitor times, "Hey, Guido. It's all so clear to me now. You are the Lemon Merchant, and *I* am the Keeper of the Cheese. And he KNOWWWWWWS it."

I just wanted to say that your stuff rocks knobs.

--Chris of

Stefano D. said...

I guess I'm kind of late---but the contest submissions are spectacular. I've got to try some of this caricature stuff.


theKirkness said...

i did a jessica simpson thing last weekend.
look here.

(just trying to help the "more comments" cause)

Schmiddy said...

awesome!! way to go gene!
your stuff rocks!!

Soop said...

WOOOHOOO!!! I'm famous! As a special favour, I will get 10 friends to come and post something.
Also, if you need any more ideas, you can ask, and I will be an idea factory.

Seriously tho, my face lit up when I saw my pic there - if you hadn't done Ren & Stimpy, you couldn't have made me laugh more. Cheers dude ;)

Anonymous said...

Dave Michael Brown said...

Hey John,

Awesome Blog, great to see some of your new ideas. I'm not a cartoonist myself but a British, Sydney based freelance writer, fancy doing an interview? I write for a few mags who I know would be very interested in hearing what you are up to.

Mail me if you are up for it