Friday, July 20, 2007

follow up to last post

Holy Crap!

The comments are getting ugly again.

Hmmm...I think I might have sent the wrong message in that convoluted post, so let me try to clarify what I was getting at.

Pt 2.

I'm not advocating that everyone run out and develop their own personal styles - exactly the opposite! The slavish obedience to decadent styles are our biggest handicap to creativity.

I want people to be able to draw REAL solid universal principles


and to be able to tell the difference between modern inbred stylistic habits and real human art

we should go back to our roots and start over

Most artists don't have strong styles and never will, but they do have personalities that could be translated through their drawings

The ones that do have natural style will inspire the new movements

But if everyone draws better and doesn't copy bad stylistic tricks each artist will still be able to put some of himself into the art - naturally - and all can contribute to growth and fun again

good drawing is the most powerful tool we have to create with, it gives you the control with which you can have a lot more to say

having a cheesy restrictive style based on tricks really limits what you can say with your art

you can only say what your crippled fingers can scrawl out, and you have to abandon all the thoughts you might have that are too hard to draw

If we recognize the decadence we are drowning in and decide to improve our ability to draw and observe life for real and with control,

then we can move ahead and make honest and sincere cartoons again, not just degraded copies of non-human formula cartoons

I may put up my bland test post for a couple hours tonight to get some more comments and then I may revise it when I see if the message gets through clearly or not