Saturday, July 21, 2007

Is it a cartoon? Chapter 1

Here is a picture made by someone who understands the particular secrets of what makes a cartoon have cartoon appeal.

Yogi by Mel Crawford

Now here is a cynical horror made by scum:

That last post about the pretenders sneaking into the cartoon world and bringing their tiny heads and beady eyes with them gave me an idea.

I think I'll start a series of posts to see how many people think there is a distinct difference between what is a cartoon drawing and what is pretend.

The line between cartoons and lies is really obvious to me and has been since I was a small tot with a big head and eyes myself.

I'll start it off with some of my picks.


All these artists are cartoonists. They understand that their pictures are supposed to be fun to look at and instantly appealing. Cartoonists like you.

Now here's...

These pictures are made by inhuman monsters who hate you and your kids.

Warning: don't steal Vicki's one of a kind design. It's copyrighted!

Little tiny snake eyes on fat mammals are so cute!

If it says "'TOON" in front of it, it's a guarantee it's not a cartoon.
It's amazing that Bugs Bunny survived this line-up! Although cut to shreds...

The worst was when it became vogue to make pretend "classic-style" cartoons and they got the same old Saturday Morning cartoon writers who wrote Scooby Doo and Superfriends to watch a couple of old Bugs Bunnies and then try to write like that in script form. The writers didn't understand cartoon jokes, so they would copy the old ones and then explain them to the audience. And the actual cartoonists on the shows that really did love the old cartoons had no say in the making of them.

And then they ship all the art and animation to Korea where they really have no idea what makes American cartoon drawings and animation work...and don't care.

Well these were all easy.

I'll try to find some that are trickier next time and you can vote on them.

Kali just pointed this out to me:
A real sign of fake cartoons. Cartoons that teach you something that the creators themselves don't believe. Like-just because you are crippled, doesn't mean you can't be a great athlete just like all the other kids.
And just because you are retarded and evil, doesn't mean you can't make up cartoons.

Real cartoons can easily do this: