Sunday, July 15, 2007

Song in case you missed it

Here listen to this song. It's a real Jim Dandy. I defy you to concentrate on the lyrics.


The girl sings the same verse twice in a row and makes it mean 2 completely different things. 2 different emotional messages.
Then the guy comes in and scats it and creates a whole new feeling. Genius!


harpo said...

Here's a performance from one of our greatest Flemish stars Jacques Brel singing Ne me quitte pas
with fabulous closeup!

harpo said...

If you're wondering what he's saying
english translation

Sean Worsham said...

Oh my gosh, I used to hear this song as a kid too! They even sung part of it on the mystery science theater 3000 movie! The woman singing this is such a player too! She goes all the way to Tipperairy to cheat on her square husband! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Awesome John, they were really subtle back in the day unlike now!


John said...

I Do reallly like that John its real music unlike almost all modern music!The beatles are my favorite but this stuff is great too!

harpo said...

again totally besides the point but anyways:
Just saw the ' Close but no cigar' video you guys made. It totally rocks and the chicks look awesome!
(the ribbon on her left manolo-bit is magic)

Anonymous said...

What, no rapping?

Kelly Toon said...

Harpo, I never understood the bit about the ribbon in Close But No Cigar. Can ya clue me in?

harpo said...

kelly: I have no clue, I never meet funky chicks like that but I suppose that's the type of cute stuff they do.( plus the move she makes is golden)

John, did Katie Rice worked together with you on those girls, or how did it go?

akira said...

Man, i'd love to see John K animation to that song! i wish they would make music videos to great songs instead of just recent songs.

wouldn't that be awesome to have a music video channel with really Great music. i wonder how much it would cost for rights to a song like that...

p.s. jim smith's website is down maybe you should change the link to go to his blog instead?

Kristen McCabe said...

Oooh! I Likey! Thanks for posting that. I wish todays popular singers sang like that. ...sigh

Have you hung out with Jonathan Winters yet?

Custom Coaster said...

I liked it! What's her name? It was one of those songs that it fits in with your movements like a walk or a drive, but peaceful, also I was reading Madman#4 today (I'm behind) and I don't know if you know this, but you were mentioned as a great Artest now you know this still it's in print and people will see a Madman vertion of Rip!!

Nico said...

Hey John, sorry this is off-topic or it's been asked before, but will you be at Comic Con? Booth, or just hanging out?

Whit said...

Uncle Eddie's blog page comments section is caught in a server error loop. Someone needs to alert him.

JohnK said...

Hi Nico

I won't be at the con this year, but my cartoon bitches will.

Kali and Marlo will be there, and I'm trying to convince them to do signings and quick sketches for 10 or 15 bucks each.

Hi Kristen

No Jonathan yet, but Gary Owens and Fred Crippen came to party.

Jim Rockford said...

Great version! too bad we dont live in a society that produces real music anymore.
I love the music used in the old cartoons!
I was watching "Tin pan alley cats" again recently and its got some great tunes in it.
They did a similar thing with "by the light of the silvery moon",it starts out performed pretty much straight and then when fats waller cat struts by they sail into a really spectacular jazz version.
The arrangement was great,you can even hear an electric guitar!


Vanoni! said...

This song is great.
I immediately had to search the internet and found its roots, along with some original march recordings.
What a difference!

Music like this makes me miss my days playing in jazz bands. There is nothing I've found like standing in front of a a live band, improvising a solo with musicians who know how to back you. A good rhythm section hears what you're doing and changes tempo and feeling to echo (or sometimes challenge) what you're playing. It's great!

Unfortunately - those years were wasted on me being young and lazy and I never took full advantage of them.

- Corbett

mike f. said...

Hey John, can you identify the singers?

(It kinda sounds like Billie Holiday and Slim Gaillard, but I'm not sure. That's my guess, anyway...)

Jennifer said...

Hi there John,

I apologize that I'm not commenting specifically on your latest post. I've been trying for a few years to get in touch with Robert Ryan Cory, who was a good friend of mine in high school. If you can pass this on and if you care to, he can reach me at Thanks, although I don't blame you if you ignore this comment. I just figured it's worth a shot. Thanks again.

Best regards,
Jennifer Kammerdiener

walter kranz said...

She goes all the way to Tipperairy to cheat on her square husband!

Uh, Leicester Square isn't her husband you know. I think you're reading too much into it.

Vanoni! said...

Hey, Mike-oroonie!

It's Ella Logan and the Spirits of Rhythm indeed, including Slim Gaillard (one of my favorites!)
More than likely the drummer is Zutty Singleton.

- Corbett (ovootie)