Monday, July 23, 2007

Mel Crawford - cartoon painting genius

I can't even imagine how someone can be this talented and skilled.

Here's a guy who doesn't cheat at all. He just knows how to draw and paint for real.

Mel Crawford is a genius children's illustrator. The guy can do all kinds of different styles!

I'm not positive that every one of the rest of these are his but they sure look like it to me.
Anyway, they are really beautiful...and fun at the same time.

Isn't this one great? Now these are some cute rodents!

Mel is the best Hanna Barbera painter for sure.

To young cartoonists: Here's why I keep saying, don't learn a style. Learn to draw well! Then you can work in many different styles without cheating!

Styles come and go. Skill is always useful and will keep you in demand.

Learn your old fashioned principles!

Thanks to Trevour for this contribution: