Thursday, September 10, 2009

Art Of Spumco Book - need an intern for a day or 2

Check out these great paintings by Bill Wray and Scott Wills

Hi folks, thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Hey, Amid Amidi and I am working on an Art Of Spumco book and I have lots of original artwork already, but I am short on background paintings from Ren and Stimpy, so I want to take frame grabs from the DVDs.

I might actually need two people because there are 2 background sections in the book.

1) Gross close up paintings:

Like close ups on faces with bulging eyeballs and swollen tongues, the ball of bandaids, etc.

2) The evolution of the background styles from season 1 through 3...


You need to have a frame grab program that can do nice clean grabs as high res as possible.

Must be organized and thorough. I would need a folder labeled by each episode - number and name. Example: 1.Stimpys Big Day.

Must have the DVDs already.

You can work at home.

Hopefully you are in the LA area, so you can drop off the files to my place when done.

The budget is gone, so I can't pay money, but I can find you a nice cel from first season and a t- shirt, plus a drawing I'll do for you.

If you can do this, take a couple frame grabs now, upload them to your blog and then gimme a link.

thanks to Pumml and Paul for the grabs in this post!