Friday, September 11, 2009

Doodle Action


PaulW said...

Wow, those are great sketches. The tree being crushed by Kaspar is really detailed for a doodle! You should do a book just on your doodles as others have said. Very interesting seeing the creative process in its raw state!

Off topic, but while I have a chance: Have you had a look at this book:


I spotted it on Boing Boing today, its not available in the UK yet, but sounds really good. Some classics in there apparently.



viince said...

Amazing! I feel like drawing now! :-D

thomas said...

Thanks for posting these. The drawings are evolving, but the bear seems to be devolving... he's turning into a bit of an ogre. I especially like the tree fight, or is it just outright harrassment.

Kali Fontecchio said...

You have nice tree-trees.


Taco Wiz said...

You are the greatest cartoonist who ever lived.

I love the second drawing!

*bows down to Raymond Spum, my lord and master*

Chris said...

I agree with Thomas. Kaspar is looking a more and more Taz-like in your doodles. Very different from the presentation drawings you posted.

Alex said...

All this is based off of what you proposed to Dreamworks, right?

It begs to be animated.

Cartoon studies said...

Hey John, been loving your doodles lately.

If you wouldn't mind checking them out,
I did some more


Cartoon studies said...

sorry here it is -

Niki said...

Hi again John K. I finally want to ask for a critique on these owls I've done, and if you can please leave my a comment so I can get a better insight on my work
Owls Here

Niki said...

I'm sorry, this is what I needed critiqued. I accidentally posted the blog draft. again, really sorry

Actual Owl drawings

I'd really like a comment back.

Cartoon studies said...

sorry here it is -

David R said...


Here are my studies from lesson 2. Don't know why, but the scanner crooped off the tops and sides.


preston blair lesson 2

spaz said...

Kaspar is bloody hilarious. John, what are Kaspar's washing habits out of question. he looks like he can really smell if he wants to.

Zoran Taylor said...

Revelation of the day: Seamus Culhane (in his book "From Script To Screen" from 1988) said Warner cartoons are more creative than Disney cartoons in certain ways, praised Ralph Bakshi and gave "Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures" some free publicity.

Did someone say black sheep?