Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blocking a picture, One step at a time

starting with the big forms and making them look solid
adding second level of forms that follow the direction and perspective of the biggest forms

lastly, the details are carefully added and placed in a way that doesn't obliterate the larger forms they help describe


Trevor Thompson said...

Thanks for not making these important lessons totally exclusive to the JK Cartoon College blog.

Even though I can't post my progress ( broken scanner ) I'm definitely taking advantage.

These posts are invaluable, John! When real cartoons are popular again, we'll have you to thank.

Ian Andersen said...

Great Job Joey.

I think it's cool that you're starting up the School again, I remember about a year ago when I discovered your blog, I saw all the lessons but was kind of disappointed because it seemed like I had missed the deadline by a year or so, but it's good to see it's now an on going thing.

I had practiced construction for a while, but stopped after a while, now I'm out of shape and trying to get back to where I had been, or at least thought I had been. This stuff really works if you pay attention.

John said...

It's good to show your work step-by-step (maybe I should try it!)

I'm still drawin!

JohnK said...

i didn't do it

click the link to see who

Joey Lee said...

Thanks for the encouragment John. Glad to know that these lessons are seeping through that thick skull of mine.

Niki said...

Oh Wow. I thought it was exclusive. Thank you for this but I've gone all the way back to the start at the 100,000 animaton lessons. I'll try again on this in due time through.

David R said...


I posted some lessons from Preston Blair #4. I skipped lesson three while I'm waiting for my new version of Photoshop to arrive. I can't figure Gimp out.

Preston Blair 4

klortho said...

Hey John. I've posted my drawings for lessons 1-4 here:
Toon Studies

S. M. Denman said...

Thanks for sharing this with us, it's extremely helpful.

I've done some new copies, I'd love it if you had a quick look:



Alex said...

This lesson on blocking a scene - does this principle also apply to regular still life drawing? I'm presently working on two hour drawings, wherein one has to show their process in accurately putting a scene together. I thought that John's lessons on layout have similarities.

Don't know if two hour drawings are totally good for an animator-in-the-wings, but what the hey?

mike f. said...

Man, it sure is satisfying when young people like Joey respect and appreciate Golden Age geniuses like Walt Kelly!

One of the unfortunate legacies of the Baby Boomers was teaching the next generation to have contempt for the past, which resulted in a degree of cultural illiteracy that I wouldn't have thought possible just 25 years ago. I'm glad that's slowly changing, thanks to the Internet and great Blogs like this one.

Work was slow all week, so as it happens I spent the time rewriting the POGO page on Wikipedia. For anyone else who's interested in researching this artist's work, check it out here...