Wednesday, September 02, 2009

TJ's Progress

TJ had one particular thing I thought he should work on: Some of his constructed forms were a bit wonky or wobbly.

You can really see it here in Hook's skull - or lack of one. He seems to be melting.
You can also see it clearly in this Shere Khan model sheet. I would strongly advise, when you are studying construction and basic concepts, that you don't start with the hardest character ever designed.
In these copies his skull is soft and too pointy, and the eyes don't sit right in the hierarchy.

Here's how solid he really is. A real bugger of a character to draw - let alone animate. Only Milt Kahl could do it.
It's actually the exact same design as this, but with a couple more planes, and more difficult proportions. If you gotta study Kahl, I'd start with his simpler characters and work your way up. Then throw away all his stock expressions unless you wanna be the next Don Bluth.Here's the last couple days of TJ's practices and the forms are coming together - getting more solid.

Bugs' head in that bottom drawing should attach to the neck underneath the cheek/muzzle area.
Jerry is looking pretty good. Some small parts like the hands seem to have webbed fingers.

His squinted eye needs to make more sense on the one where he is sticking out his tongue, but the sheer practice of doing this over and over again is obviously working. TJ's getting more solid by the day.


Dan Metalmadcat said...

m_) Who is T.J?
m_) Apologizes not getting track of this blog makes me m_) wonder that you mention someone as if you were to refer a student.

m_) By the way, and now that I have some time..
m_) LET ME TELL YOU how I admire this blog, your cartoons, your vision, skills , and the fact that you support the arts.

m_) Thanks John, I am always checking ...this place, every now and then..

take care.

m_) big supporter
m_) sincerely, mad
m_) Metalmadcat

Dan Metalmadcat said...

m_) Please check my art when you have some little time, would you? Just for fun, there is not much but.. working hard to reach the altar, for sure..

Bob said...

Hey John I did some more Howie Post studies check it out

Howie Studies

Ricky Earl said...

Thanks for posting these John. The lessons taught here are absolutely invaluable. I know you have a lot of requests to be a student but I wanted you to know that there are lots of us out here too who are learning masses from just reading these. I do the studies on my own, I don't blog them or anything, I make all the same mistakes as everyone else and can see it. I think there must be hundreds of us who just read and do, without posting or commenting...if the day comes you need an army, you might just have one!
Thanks again! (we're not taught this stuff at our otherwise awesome university)

S. M. Denman said...

Wow, TJ is really doing well. Congrats! I would have never known just how difficult these drawings are until I tried to construct them myself, haha.

I've also been doing some studies for the past two weeks or so, and I'd love for you to check them out! Any help at all would be highly appreciated.



Daniel said...

Very nice work TJ! You're insane to try Shere Kahn. I'm working on Brer Rabbit myself. Very nice work man.

TJ said...

Hey John,
Thanks again for taking the time to review my drawings. I couldn't resist attempting Shere Khan, but yes, he is difficult. I've been having more fun with Bugs, who is also deceptively difficult. Anyway I'll keep at it, as I can definitely feel improvements from these exercises. Thanks!

Niki said...

I didn't realize how widespread this blog reaches! I have some kids I know presonally who visit here! and all this time I was worried!

drawingtherightway said...

Awesome drawings! Hey John not sure if you know but don bluth has his own instructional website but you have to be a paid member to view certain parts of his site. Thanks John for keeping your site 100% free of charge and providing all this valuable information!

PaulW said...

Nice work there T.J. You can see that his work is progressing quickly.

Now, if only my studies would yield similar results!

Here are some of my Jerry's:

My studies

As others have said, thanks for putting these articles up John, your exercises are frustrating, but very rewarding!



ThomasHjorthaab said...

Haha:D exactly Ricky! There's a John K army outhere!:P

Awesome Bugs there TJ!

- Thomas

Anonymous said...

T.J - i agree, Bugs is deceptively difficult! Even with the 'Draw the Looney Tunes Character Manual' i find him tricky.

John, here are more studies...think i'm going in the right direction.



animalmother16 said...

Sam said...

Hey John,
what are your thoughts on occasionally "jumping ahead", kind of like what TJ has done with Sher Khan? I can see how if you did that sort of stuff all the time it would be detrimental but is there a place for it?
I imagine that it might show up some area's of weakness that a simpler character might not, as well as honing observational skills etc.....

assbackward said...

Damn-do ya all watch the toon and draw from that? Or is it pausing it and catching each frame? I think TJ's stuff is pretty damn on it! I did notice the webbing thingy though.

Jack G. said...

...but the sheer practice of doing this over and over again is obviously working


I really gotta work on the over and over again part.

whoopnacker said...

Hey Jon-I'm very interested in getting started on your exercizes but there are sooo many i'm confused on where to begin. Is there a way to the beginning of this maze of cartooning knowledge?


introvert said...

Hey Jon-I'm very interested in getting started on your exercizes but there are sooo many i'm confused on where to begin. Is there a way to the beginning of this maze of cartooning knowledge?

If you'll allow me field this one, John has every lesson you need to start out laid out for you in sequential order. The blog isn't the easiest way to seek them out, but the animation archive has got you covered keeping track of the links to all ten lessons right here:

essenmitsosse said...

Great studys TJ. Especially with the Sher Khan thing you need a really good eye to see what’s wrong.

I also postet some new studys on my exercising blog.

John said...

That page of Jerrys is great TJ!

Drew some Mighty Mouse on my blog - how do you think I'm doing, John?

Hans Flagon said...


have you ever formed an opinion on

It is mostly Bugs poses, seems geared toward merchandising partners art departments, and, was better than I expected. More solid that some images their animation department are popping out. Whose Bugs seemed to be wrapped up in this cureent amalgam foisted in this book? A Friz Bugs?

Douglas Ferreira said...

This is a fantastic blog! I just got to know it,and I will be instantly hooked!
Congrats and best wishes!